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Saturday, February 26, 2011

So I haven't blogged in awhile. Mainly because I'm lame. Actually all because I'm lame haha. But I'm going to start trying again. Maybe. If I get sufficient motivation that is.

The main reason I was inspired to write requires me to make a confession. I am an illegal downloader. Mainly because I'm poor but also partially because I don't like to leave my house. Don't judge me.

So whats with the ads on torrent pages? Do people really click on ads for busty russians? Are men downloading things really distracted by the possibility of meeting random internet brides who seemingly don't age, because the ads have been the same for years? Seems directed at weird lonely downloaders I guess.

Also Facebook managed to insult me as well with their ads the other day. Apparently because I have no relationship status on facebook and am a 23 year old female I should give single dads a chance. Apparently there is a website specifically for meeting single dads which women without children are free to join. I don't have a problem with single dads, I just think its stupid that this and ads for shoes are the only ones directed at me.

On a happier note I am super pumped for the Oscars(which is probably directly related to me being a weird downloader). I've watched all the nominations for best picture except for one which I cannot find. And the oscars are more fun when you've seen more than one of the movies.

So this has been rambly, hopefully it will tide you over if I do not get motivated to write more.