My attempt to come to terms with the ridiculousness of my life..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

An homage to my most loyal blog reader(I think)..

So today I got a text from my lovely friend T-pain telling me I need to update my blog more and to fuck schoolwork because she depends on me to get through her work day(this is why she has earned the title of my most loyal blog reader. If you would like this title text me more about my blog haha). So I thought it might be fun to talk about our friendship for a bit. T-pain is one of my sorority sisters and has been one of my friends since my 2nd year of university.I think we became especially close third and 4th year. So she is basically one of my best friends. We have lots of things in common like we are both single, we can both be incredible lushes and we both tell ridiculous stories(often with no point). She is less adept at writing than I am being an engineer but she is hilarious and lots of fun to hang out with. I also almost always like her sense of style except occasionally I don't agree with her old lady sweaters. My main issue with her if any is her love for twilight which I can't comprehend at all. However one of the main reasons I think we are friends, other than our ridiculous sense of humour, is how brave she is. This is something that I noticed from the first moment I met her that she is incredibly brave especially when it comes to boys. This is something I admire alot about her and is one of the reasons I was drawn to her as a friend. I wish I could channel this overt braveness with boys to my own life and often when I have my moments of braveness its because she has influenced me to do so. She is an inspiration to me. So T-pain I hope this a sufficient blog entry for you and I hope everyone else liked the description of one of my favorite people. LOVE!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

sometimes people really freak me out..

As I have previously stated I am trying to work out on a more regular basis..This is semi difficult because it takes time something which I don't really have a ton of that isn't already occupied. Well today I got up early specifically so I could go to the gym in my building where I have enjoyed nice peaceful alone working out. Well to day I go down and I'm listening to my ipod and I turn on the light and go to walk in and there is already someone in there who I have just turned the lights off on. So naturally I run away.. which is kind of like working out.. but now I'm kind of sad cause I did actually want to work out a bit and I clearly can't go back until I'm sure this other person is gone which won't leave me enough time to get to school and such..

Monday, October 26, 2009

Ridiculous things that I love:

1. Degrassi the next generation
2. Old school Degrassi
3. Oatmeal mixed with yogurt
4. Ice cream with peanut butter
5. My bathrobes
6. Swimming in the ocean
8.Mamma Mia
9. Musicals
10.Dear Abby and hints from Heloise
11. Horoscopes
12.Daily rip off calendars

This list is in no particular order but is in the order in which I thought of them. Clearly there are many other things that I love in general but they aren't really that ridiculous unless were talking about people. I love many people who are quite ridiculous. Anyways my life isn't exciting and the most exciting thing that happened today was that this girl in one of my classes who hasn't been there for awhile was back. She has the most ridiculous crazy hair of anyone ever. I may use my spy skills so I can take a picture and post it here because it is really beyond discription.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I hate drinking..

Because I inevitably work on the weekends these days, drinking has become alot less fun. The evening before part is filled with the anxiety about how I will feel the next day and the next day is filled with feeling shitty at work. Also I accidentally drank half an energy drink so I had difficulties sleeping which could lead to an especially terrible day at work.. Anyways my basic point is drinking seems to be alot less worth it than it used to be. The only good part is the chance to see my wonderful friends at their most ridiculous.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

my attempts not to be a lazy bastard..

So I have lived in the building I live in for about 3 months now and today was the first day I went to the gym. It has a convienient locations of a quick walk down the stairs but I have never gotten motivated enough to go. That is motivation plus a great feeling of braveness because I was scared of other people being there and it being weird. But today I went and found out I am much more out of shape than I previously suspected. I figured since I walk alot that I would be relatively in shape but I am not. So by putting this in my blog I am hoping to carry on with going to the gym cause I have really no excuse not to and I will feel like I should because I have talked about it. I mainly want to do it for stress relief cuase my mom swears by it. So heres hoping this will provide me with lots of motivation..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Following the footseps of one of my blogging friends I feel the need to have a momentary rant here it goes:
I have been I guess "seeing" this guy who I will from now on refer to as dogtags simply because that is what my friends call him. The name in itself is a funny story but besides the point. So anyways dogtags has been texting me for several months now. Here is how our texting conversation almost always go:
me- hey whats up?
dt-nm you?
me- whatever I am doing haha..
These conversations can actually go on for many more text messages but here is the rant part: Just say what you want!!!What is your purpose in texting me!!let me know because texts cost money!!Plus it is ridiculously irritating to have this same convo over and over again. Also I'm not that big of a fan of texting in general so this drives me absolutely insane. My roomate can actually recite how our texting progresses...that is ridiculous...That is all for now..

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

don't judge me..

I was thinking today about things that I could write in this silly blog and I realize how much I censor myself. I have lots of ridiculous things happen to me constantly but I don't mention many of them because I am worried about who will wander onto my blog from my facebook page and judge me for these ridiculous things. I also began thinking of how ridiculous that worry is and that maybe half my ridiculousness I should just let go and get over.. Which is actually something I was hoping to accomplish in writing this blog. Because I'm not sure yet which way I will go, perhaps throw caution to the wind or perhaps to live my self censored being here is a song I like that I listen to when I am trying to get over things: it actually might take a couple listens to love but it has grown on me. I also need to finish a 2 hundred page french book I am about 35 pages into by tommorow. If this was an english book it would be possible maybe plausible depending on the book. I feel like it might be hopeless but I'm going to try.Wish me luck..

Monday, October 19, 2009

I just drank 32 oz of water..

So I am awake incredibly early this morning because I had to get up and drink 32 oz of water two hours before going to the doctor. Being constantly late as I usually am I instead finished the task about an hour before. Hopefully this still works.I did have a super weird dream last night. It involved an election campaign that turned into to a take down mission all in one of my university classes. I not sure what in my life would cause such a dream to occur but I generally enjoyed it nevertheless. Early in the morning my brain doesn't work as well and nothing exciting has happened to me yet. This is all that has happened in my life today: Its raining, I just drank water from a measuring cup and its cold in my house when I am out of my bed.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Things that prove I am an old lady:

1. I am awake and not hungover on a Sunday at 10am(Only thing that would make it more old lady esq is if I was going to church but alas I must go to work)
2.Last night instead of going out drinking with friends I stayed home and hung out with the kittie.
3.I went to bed before 12 midnight on a saturday.
4. I plan on eating oatmeal for breakfast(Maybe I just felt like I needed at least one more reason)

Friday, October 16, 2009

so all my good intentions went to waste..

Today I have one, one hour class that I have skipped multiple times. I wanted to today but I wasn't going to. I got up and even showered and was going to get on the bus that gets me to school an hour before class and that won't get me home until an hour after this class. I walked out my door only to see that bus drive away about 2 minutes before it normally does. Which is irritating because now I am up and dressed for no apparent reason as I have nothing else to do until sometime this evening. This evening I am going to the movies and then to his house for drinks which should allow for many awkward if not ridiculous events..I will keep you posted.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

alone again..

So I am once again alone for the weekend, with just the company of the kitty. I feel like I didn't accomplish enough things on my list from last time I was alone on the weekend so I think I will continue to work on doing those things this weekend.I was alone for about 4 hours, all of them spent at work when I did the first ridiculous thing of my time alone. I was walking home from my job at the hardware store talking on my phone with my rotten little sister. I do this because I am sometimes afraid walking home because the road is long and dark and beside a semi highway. So anyways I am almost home when a car I don't recognize pulls over and someone asks if I would like a drive. I don't recognize really any car so this is abnormal I just figure its someone from work so I get in the car. I then look and its someone in a military uniform so I figure for a second it is one of my fake dad's friends that I have met once or twice. I then realize I have just gotten in a car with a STRANGER!!!So this stranger is like where do you live and I am debating whether I should jump out of the frigging car or what but instead I just direct him to my building which was literally like a 2 sec drive away. Clearly I am now home and fine but frig I was pretty much in a situation where I could have been MURDERED!!But all in all this random stanger seemed ok and just dropped me off at my security building and it was cold out. Damn my being from someplace where you can just assume you know people when they offer you jobs in the street.On a different note because of the cold I have broken out my bathrobe again, which I will now be living in while at home until spring..

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thinking of you..

I hang out with many people that are either in the military or who are involved with someone in the military. Days like today make me remember how hard being in one of those categories are. As a person who hates when people leave I have simply this to say: I will be thinking of you during the time you are gone, stay safe and much love and thanks. To their ladies: if you need anything let me know, also much love.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am a giant wuss..

People that know me well will have already realized that I am pretty much the biggest wuss ever.. Even people that don't know me that well or who have just met me should have some idea that I am at the very least not a brave person. I get irrationally freaked out all the time for no particular reason. Well today for my Zombie genre film class today we watched Dawn of the Dead. Not the new dawn of the dead but the old one, that is probably from the 80's, Nevertheless this movie still gave me some pretty good jumps. I really hate things that jump out at you unexpectedly and I'm probably the easiest person to scare in real life. I used to live in quite the old apartment, in an old house that I was convinced was haunted( Cab drivers called it the haunted house, seriously), anyway I was constantly scared by my roomate's boyfriend Jake when he would simply quietly walk into the same room as me. This is a enought to startle me and possibly make me scream. I also have the most girly terrified scream ever(I feel this is out of character because I am not terribly girly). I am basically a giant bundle of nerves waiting to explode. In a life or death situation, such as the event of a zombie apocalypse I would hope that I could muster some courage and live but I find this highly unlikely. In every horror film I watch there is usually a catatonic girl unable to do anything to protect herself. I fell like there is a good possibility this would be me. Or else I would have a heart attack and die from fright in the beginning. I have one instance in my life that gives me hope that I might be able to fight a bit in the case that I am one day in a horror movie and here is that story: Once in probably grade 9 or 10 my lovely cousin Ashley and I were walking away from the park(which is coincidentally right beside a graveyard in that town) and I was for some reason thinking about werewolves(perhaps it was a full moon). Anyways as I was thinking about werewolves my cousin Ashley decides it would be funny to reach behind me and tap me on the opposite shoulder. I, thinking she is a werewolve or something else that might kill me, scream and turn around flailing in the direction of the shoulder tap. Ashley than proceeds to laugh at me and I try to resist fighting her anyways. In a horror movie I would definatly be the first to die...

Monday, October 12, 2009

whirlwind weekends..

I always feel like long weekends are going to be a productive time but they really never are. Friday my only class was cancelled so I was lucky enough to have a four day weekend. However instead of doing anything productive I drank and went out for a ridiculously drunken evening friday. I managed not to be too ridiculous until I departed for home then proceeded to ignore the firends who had accompanied me to my house. I then had to depart for a lovely 7 hour drive back to my parent's house,at 7 in the morning, aided by many gravol to ease my hangover. This lead me to my incoherent mumbling and saying random things state which was difficult to emerge from. This was followed by two days of jam pack family time and trying to catch up with many people in a short amount of time followed by another 7 hour journey back to my university town. So in short I did nothing productive at all, and I am not currently being productive right now. However in this short amount of time I did manage to consume many delicious thing including bbq, turkey, pie, ice cream cake and nachos which are all things that should be on my list of favorite foods. I am always super excited to see my family and it never feels like I get quite enough time at home. Altogether I had quite a good weekend but there was waaaaaayyy to much driving involved. My parents officially need to move closer because that drive just makes me a little crazy.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My ultimate Collection: Family

So I haven't been writing that much this week because I have been super busy with work and school because I am off this weekend for Thanksgiving. Also I possibly have something wrong with my appendix which is silly cause I practically never use it. I haven't eaten twigs or rocks in FOREVER! Anyways I am excited because I am going home after a long hiatus which allows me to see about half of my real family. Now there is nothing wrong with all my fake family: I love you fake parents, aunts, uncles cousin(?T-pain, I' m not sure whose child this makes you?)and sisters. However this got me thinking about how many people in my life I consider family that have no blood relation to me. There is quite a few so it got me thinking that I aquire family like other people alot like people collect other things. From the time I was born I had 4 older siblings not all completly blood related but still family. And from then on my family simply exploded. With the amount of step/halves in my family its actually silly that I keep adding family to my life such as by joining a sorority and making up family titles for my friends. I realize that I am incredibly lucky because of this but also something makes me think I might be a little messed because I feel the constant need for more family. Anyways I am excited to go home and see that part of my family but I will also be missing my other half that I won't see and will miss my fake family as well. Really I'm just hoping that nothing happens to my appendix that prevents me from drinking with my fake dad for the last time until like february..

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Too busy to not procrstinate..

I hit this point every year, where I am suddenly like "Where did my good intentions go and how did I get so far behind already?" This year it might be happening sooner because of the job, which allows me almost no time to do the million hours of reading I need to do a week. I miss the days when I had a lovely*** job that allowed me all the free time in the world. However I coincidentally had this job at the only point in my life where I wasn't going to school.. It seems like such a waste now.I did however catch up on all the reader digest condensed books, romance novels and thrillers that I will ever need during this time so I figure it was still time well spent. However I must go finish preparing myself to go to school to write a test I began studying for at 11:30 last night..

***Not actually a lovely job but really call center work and dispatch. Both of which were really painful jobs actually. but they did allow me quite a bit of spare time for reading..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rain, rain go away..

So it is raining again for what feels like the millionth time this year. Here are somethings I like concerning the rain:
1)When its super humid and the only thing that can get rid of the humidity is a great big rain storm
2)Swimming in the rain
3)Waking up to rain and being able to go back to sleep
4)Rain that melts away the snow and doesn't freeze into ice
5)Warm rain, when you aren't going someplace you need to be dry

The rain today doesn't fall into any of these categories. Todays rain I assume is going to be cold and I will be wet when I get to work. Plus I think with all the rain that we got in the summer should even out to a rain free fall. If only that was how things worked. Also and this is mostly a shoutout to my buddy t-pain aka The Plaid Guru, I have been watching old episodes of scrubs and have a new favorite quote "I like to use sex as an icebreaker."-Elliot Reid. I love scrubs but I found the newer ones were just playing up the jokes that they didn't need to exagerate as much as in the old ones and that they just recycled old material. I also found that about the later episodes of Friends. My most exciting new of the day is that once I get home from work my roomies should also be home or at least soon be home. YAY!

Friday, October 2, 2009

I can't write on fridays..

Seems to me that last friday I couldn't think of anything good to write either but since I am trying to prove a point I will carry on..Turns out the worst thing about being home alone is not the scaryness of it its really the boringness and lonelyness of it. I've actually only been alone this morning but for some reason I woke up much before I normally would so it feels like I've gone hours without talking to anyone, other than the cat and talking to the cat makes me feel mildly I started this in hope that once I began something enlightened would come to me but really I've got nothing. Happy friday!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

I feel so abandoned, I feel so alone..

So my roomates are gone.. it feels quieter and more menacing here already. I also happened to have one of my least favorite dreams last night, where I live in a haunted house. Its always the same house so I hope that my countinual need to have this dream is actually going to help me recognized the house if I come upon it it. Then I will know DON'T LIVE THERE, this place is crazy haunted. So with the departure of the roomates I felt the need to type the title into something, really only to continue making fun of one of my roomates even once they are gone.