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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Rain, rain go away..

So it is raining again for what feels like the millionth time this year. Here are somethings I like concerning the rain:
1)When its super humid and the only thing that can get rid of the humidity is a great big rain storm
2)Swimming in the rain
3)Waking up to rain and being able to go back to sleep
4)Rain that melts away the snow and doesn't freeze into ice
5)Warm rain, when you aren't going someplace you need to be dry

The rain today doesn't fall into any of these categories. Todays rain I assume is going to be cold and I will be wet when I get to work. Plus I think with all the rain that we got in the summer should even out to a rain free fall. If only that was how things worked. Also and this is mostly a shoutout to my buddy t-pain aka The Plaid Guru, I have been watching old episodes of scrubs and have a new favorite quote "I like to use sex as an icebreaker."-Elliot Reid. I love scrubs but I found the newer ones were just playing up the jokes that they didn't need to exagerate as much as in the old ones and that they just recycled old material. I also found that about the later episodes of Friends. My most exciting new of the day is that once I get home from work my roomies should also be home or at least soon be home. YAY!

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