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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am a giant wuss..

People that know me well will have already realized that I am pretty much the biggest wuss ever.. Even people that don't know me that well or who have just met me should have some idea that I am at the very least not a brave person. I get irrationally freaked out all the time for no particular reason. Well today for my Zombie genre film class today we watched Dawn of the Dead. Not the new dawn of the dead but the old one, that is probably from the 80's, Nevertheless this movie still gave me some pretty good jumps. I really hate things that jump out at you unexpectedly and I'm probably the easiest person to scare in real life. I used to live in quite the old apartment, in an old house that I was convinced was haunted( Cab drivers called it the haunted house, seriously), anyway I was constantly scared by my roomate's boyfriend Jake when he would simply quietly walk into the same room as me. This is a enought to startle me and possibly make me scream. I also have the most girly terrified scream ever(I feel this is out of character because I am not terribly girly). I am basically a giant bundle of nerves waiting to explode. In a life or death situation, such as the event of a zombie apocalypse I would hope that I could muster some courage and live but I find this highly unlikely. In every horror film I watch there is usually a catatonic girl unable to do anything to protect herself. I fell like there is a good possibility this would be me. Or else I would have a heart attack and die from fright in the beginning. I have one instance in my life that gives me hope that I might be able to fight a bit in the case that I am one day in a horror movie and here is that story: Once in probably grade 9 or 10 my lovely cousin Ashley and I were walking away from the park(which is coincidentally right beside a graveyard in that town) and I was for some reason thinking about werewolves(perhaps it was a full moon). Anyways as I was thinking about werewolves my cousin Ashley decides it would be funny to reach behind me and tap me on the opposite shoulder. I, thinking she is a werewolve or something else that might kill me, scream and turn around flailing in the direction of the shoulder tap. Ashley than proceeds to laugh at me and I try to resist fighting her anyways. In a horror movie I would definatly be the first to die...


  1. Hahaha, I remember that. Man you nearly shit yourself. Good times.
    Although, I'd die before you in a horror movie. I run for about 4 feet from the killer (lately it's Jason Voorhees in all my nightmares) or zombie or whatever and then start wheezing and fall over because I'm in such poor shape that my asthma WILL be the death of me when doing something like running.