My attempt to come to terms with the ridiculousness of my life..

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reasons I clearly do not understand boys:

1. I would never refriend someone and persistently message them without giving a legitemate reason why. WTF.

2.I don't see what makes shooting video games fun.

3. I don't like Will Farrell.(I know, the horror.)

4. I can never tell when they want to be friends or when they to be want more than friends. Mainly in the sense that I think were just friends but it was apparent to everyone else that this was not true.

5.I generally don't send cryptic messages or texts. I like to say what I actually feel. And if I don't want to say what I feel, I keep all cryptic thoughts and messages to myself.

There are probably a million more reasons, but I don't even realize what they are because I am so clueless. My cat boyfriend is so much more upfront.

Brian and I

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things I learned roadtripping

1. I'm pretty sure of the road trippers the driver is always having the least fun. This is an observation that I had not realized until I was the driver. Then all the previous roadtrips I've been on flashed before my eyes.

2. I can't eat pie while I drive. Nor can I eat anything in a bag. Next time I road trip I'm going to buy licorice. That seems managable.

3.I may be a better driver than I previously thought. But I am still proned to panicking.

4. Road trips NEED loud music. This adds to the fun. Especially if you know the words.

5. It is hard to dance and drive. It was much funner to simply be a passenger.

6. Time passes quicker when your driving. Probably because I have to focus alot. Therefore I have little time to get bored.

7. I pee at least every 2 hours.

8.Heated seats are awesome.

9. I miss my friend way more than I thought. And I already thought I missed them alot.

10. Passing isn't as terrifying as I thought it was. Nor is driving on the highway. Actually drving on the highway is pretty much like drving an automatic. Minus merging.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Story of the Nightwatchman

Ever get yourself on a supremely bad sleeping schedule?
Not the like I have no time to sleep kind, but the irrational why shouldn't I sleep that way if I want schedule?
But then it is impossible to get out of?
And you spend months going to bed at 2 am and getting up at lunchtime.
And you become fine with the fact that this is how you live.
But then it starts getting worse.
Your sleeping till 1:30pm. You can't fall asleep till 3am.
You feel your life passing by.

Then you invent the nightwatchman. Its the ultimate excuse to stay awake all night and sleep all day. As the nightwatchman you have to stay up all night. Or who else will protect the diamonds?And so your life once again has purpose.

I didn't invent this concept(You don't have to worry that much about me). This phenomenon usually occurs to people in University during exams, or when you are blessed with a schedule that allows you to sleep in almost indefinitely.

I have previously been afflicted, but I think this might be the worst case I've ever had.

And the only cure is motivation or a purpose. Both which I am currently lacking.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is how I feel about my blogging lately.

I promise to start writing interesting and insightful(cause clearly thats what I was doing before.obvs. haha) blog posts again soon. Probably. Or whenever i can pull it to gether to not sound like my life is depressing.(Its not that bad it just doesn't translate well to posts.)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Harry Potter!!!!!!!!!!

I am super excited because Delaney and I are going to see the new HP tommorow.HP is definitely my favorite book series. I don't always think the movies measure up but from what I hear about this one they left very little of the book out. So it should be epic. However we are bringing D's boyfriend so I might have to sit behind them and yell at them to seperate if they touch(thats what big sisters do right?).

However I am worried because I have to drive like 45 minutes to get to the movie theater and go in traffic. To those of you that think this does not sound terrifying probably have been driving for more than like 2 weeks and not in a standard. Although things could be worse if the traffic was also on a hill. Then I would probably have a heart attack just thinking about it.

So heres hopping I make it to HP( making it back is less important. Really we could just hang out in the car till all traffic cleared. Although I'm not allowed to drive after midnight and before 6.)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Since my laptop is officially dead(and will never return from the abyss that is staples warranty land) I am typing on my moms laptop..which is really tiny.. and annoying to type on. Plus Brian(the cat) is sitting on me and is acting angry that I am typing and not petting him. And he is proned to "fits" when you squirm to much when he is comfortable(he bites you. But he was once a refugee kitty so you have to cut him some slack aka he is spoiled.

So this past friday i got my drivers license, which i was almost prouder of getting than my degree. That only took 4 and a half years whereas the license took 7 years. I was pretty afraid to write the test but it ended up not being so bad. However it was raining and has been ever since. I may go crazy if it doesn't stop soon.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Dear lappy

I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye, I thought I would see you again. I'm sorry I wasn't a better owner and noticed that you were having so many troubles. You were there for me in good times and bad. Even though we fought you never let me down when I needed you. I loved you and you will be missed. RIP( hopefully not pieces)
<3 Robyn

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Took laptop to get fix FINALLY. Am typing this from my iPod. Prob won't post for a bit cause this is brutal. Much love to all!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Current fav song

I was watching SYTYCD with my mom and heard this.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010



You are the bread and the knife,
The crystal goblet and the wine...
-Jacques Crickillon

You are the bread and the knife,
the crystal goblet and the wine.
You are the dew on the morning grass
and the burning wheel of the sun.
You are the white apron of the baker,
and the marsh birds suddenly in flight.

However, you are not the wind in the orchard,
the plums on the counter,
or the house of cards.
And you are certainly not the pine-scented air.
There is just no way that you are the pine-scented air.

It is possible that you are the fish under the bridge,
maybe even the pigeon on the general's head,
but you are not even close
to being the field of cornflowers at dusk.

And a quick look in the mirror will show
that you are neither the boots in the corner
nor the boat asleep in its boathouse.

It might interest you to know,
speaking of the plentiful imagery of the world,
that I am the sound of rain on the roof.

I also happen to be the shooting star,
the evening paper blowing down an alley
and the basket of chestnuts on the kitchen table.

I am also the moon in the trees
and the blind woman's tea cup.
But don't worry, I'm not the bread and the knife.
You are still the bread and the knife.
You will always be the bread and the knife,
not to mention the crystal goblet and--somehow--the wine.
- Billy Collins

Reminds me of fall. And how I'm no longer in school. I would say the bonus of this is that I can read what I want but I am making myself read Anna Karenina. So I might just be a masochist.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Bang Theory

I recently started watching Big Bang Theory(I'm going through seasons of shows like crazy if anyone has any suggestions). I've pretty much decided the only reason the show is funny is because of Sheldon. The rest of the characters are only ok. I was going to put some youtube videos up but none of the are embedded apparently.

I was thinking of dressing up as the Doppler effect for Halloween(ripping of Sheldon's costume idea) but I will probably go as something sluttier. I was thinking cowgirl or flapper. I also am considering slutting up my costume from last year so I am actually a slutty pumpkin not an adorable one.( See this post for my costume last year

However I'm pretty sure no matter what I'm just going to be adorable anyways because I'm not willing to show the necessary skin that goes along with looking slutty on Halloween aka lingerie.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Since I am currently pretty boring I have been finding it tricky to find interesting things to blog about. Here are some of the things I deemed to lame to actually write an entire blog about:

1.How Anna Karenina is like Jersey Shore. I can actually think of numerous examples. I guess times don't change that much. But I might like Jersey Shore more. Anna Karenina is very long.

2. How I am improving at driving standard. I no longer stall everytime I stop. I consider this a step in the right direction. I have also mastered the rolling stop.

3. I have applied for many jobs. I only want about one of them. They have not called me.

Anyways I'm going to have to think of some shenanigans to get into so I am more interesting.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Postal Service
Humpty Dumpty BBQ Chips
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Dorm Rooms
White Rum
Five Alive
Vanilla Coke
The Orioles
Large Orange Envelopes
The Transporters
Cool Runnings
Video Games
The Sims Shower Song
A Million Little Pieces
Gummi Bears
A&W Root Beer
Napolean Dynamite
Golden Labs
Stuffed Frogs
Songs that have both Rappers and Singers
Driving Standard
Tall Boys
Curly Hair
Oreo Cakesters
Iron Supplements
Hot Sauce
Baby Horse
Deserted Parking lots
Tire Swings
Wake Boarding
Cream Eggs
Greasy Hair
I deleted you from my facebook. I'm going to delete you from my heart.
And you were wrong about me hating turtle on entourage. I love him.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Entourage and Driving

So my week has been devoted to two things: Learning how to drive and watching all the seasons of entourage.

My conclusions are as follows: Driving standard is hard. I seem to be getting progressively worse. I hope its one of those things that get worse before they get better or else I'm screwed. I'm hoping to write my drivers test in an automatic but if I get my lisence I will need to drive the standard vehicles until I get my own car.

I would like to find a friend who will be famous so I can be part of their entourage. I'm hoping my friend B will make it as he has already promised me the job of PR person and his manager.We might have to do less partying tho because I am prone to wicked bad hangovers.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ridiculous problem

Does anyone else get an itch under where their ponytail is? I have recently been rocking the ponytail more than I usually do mainly because I rarely leave my house. Sad I know. I guess the obvious answer would be to stop wearing the ponytail so much but my hair drives me crazy when its down all the time. I'm considering shaving my head. Although I also think I may be balding as I lose a ridiculous amount of hair.

PS I know its not lice because I made my mom check.

PPS I know I am pathetic haha.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Terrible Blogger

So mainly I don't blog alot because my life is currently very boring. But this past week was actually pretty fun/busy-ish, hence why I was not blogging. My step brother was home from Afghanistan and visiting with his gf/ my other step brother so there was lots of family time. This entailed:
-Getting so drunk on a tuesday that I puked in my hallway. It was shameful.
- Playing a crazy amount of Settlers of Catan. Which is a ridiculous board game. Made even more ridiculous by my family because we get rowdy. And insulted. And very competitive. Imagine a table full of people yelling about sheeps, clay and building roads. Calling each other names and proclaiming our hate. You might get close to the chaos that ensued. We are a very loving family really.
-Going out to a bar with my drunk parents. Being forced by them when we were the only people on the dance floor. In front of the cute boys I met last weekend. If I possesed a shame gland it would have been severly inflamed. Luckily I have an awesome gland instead.
- Eating so much delicious food.

However I am now back to trying to find a job/ laying around my house. Which is getting old.

Monday, September 27, 2010


I watched "Away we go" again last night with my little sister. It is a generally adorable movie but this is the best part.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Robyn's Guide to amusing yourself once you drop out of Grad School

So since I dropped out of grad school I am now living with my parents once again. However since the last time I lived with them they have moved to a new town a couple hours from anyone I know. Also they now live in a small town, with very few job opportunities for someone who has a bachelors in World lit and Cultural Studies. And I don't know how to drive. So heres what to do if you ever find yourself in this situation.

1. Apply for crappy jobs. Such as bartender. Then really hope you get these jobs even though you have basically no experience. There doesn't seem to be a way to say I've spent many hours in bars on a resume, weird right?

2. Watch many hours of Jersey Shore. Get into it. Feel joyful when the boys split up. Feel sorrowful when Sammy and Ronnie fight. Want to smack a bitch when they are being catty.

3. Make your little sister have a Harry Potter Marathon. This is best done when said little sister does not have to go to school. Eat ALOT of candy. Bask in the glory that is HP. Truly feel their triumphs and sorrows.

4. Dowload seasons of tv shows. Such as Mad Men. Watch them.

5. Try to do the Yoga portion of P90X. Wonder at what makes people hate their bodies enough to suffer through the workout. Give up because you cannot balance.

6. Make up ridiculous goals for yourself. I am now trying to read all the books on the BBC's top 100. Mainly because the HP books were on it and that meant I could cross those off. But I am now reading Love in the time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

7. Converse with your cats.

8. Write ridiculously long blog post about all the boring stuff you've been doing. Hope noone feels bad for you cause its actually fun doing nothing. :) Although I'm sad my little sister has to go to school tommorow. Cause now I can't watch Mad Men without her.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A turn for ..the better?

So I've quit grad school. I decided it just wasn't something that was making me happy. And I am generally quite the happy person. I just wasn't there. And I couldn't see myself doing what the program was teaching me in real life. It did not seem worth it. So I am now a unemployed, grad school drop out living with my parents. It doesn't have quite the same ring a beauty school drop out but I feel like I finally am doing what I needed to be doing. So hopefully things are going to take a turn for the better.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

To the Blog World:

I'm not dead.. and I will hypothetically be back from my hiatus soon. That is if I indeed return to grad school.. which hanging out in the maritimes sounds exponentially more amusing at the moment.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

15-20 Pages till freedom!

I HATE ESSAYS!............

Thats it really. I also hate that I am a huge procrastinator.

now off to make some spinach dip..I mean do research...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Somewhere at this very moment, a group of drunk white girls are singing dont stop believing.

New Records

I have always been a terrible person for skipping school. In elementary, middle and high school and not suprisingly the habit carried over into University. I had the art of missing school be still keeping my marks up mainly perfected. And when I go to grad school this habit just went away. I haven't missed a single class...until today. For some reason I just couldn't get up. My mom has always said if we need the day off we occasionally should and called these days "mental health days". But even if I skip the rest of the week and a half I have left I'm pretty sure this is the least school I've missed in any semester ever. Yay me!

I usually go to school when I don't want to because being around people make me feel better here. And because if nothing else I would get to see my crush..haha pathetic I know.

Confession #2
I know why I didn't want to go to school. I had a dream about my ex where he had gotten an earring and a tattoo, which bothered me because he was becoming a person I didn't know. This is also true not in my dream world but the dream kind of snuck up on me cause I hadn't been thinking about him.

I should have went to school tho cause now I'm stuck with just seeing my roommates for the rest of the day. I can't wait to go home. This has been stuck in my head for a couple days:

Apparently I say certain things in a maritimie way: 1.right as a description aka It was right sketchy, I was right wasted
2. Afar, car ect. I don't hear it but others do.
3.Skeevy- I think this might just be a word I picked up from books or something not the maritimes but I went with it.

Saturday, July 31, 2010


Apparently Twitter is an important tool for budding Journalists. I caved and got it after one of my Profs became outraged that I did not have it. Twitter is apparently a good way to find out breaking news..who would have thought?(this is actually sarcasm, we talk ALOT about social media at school) Anyways if anyone is on twitter or has sweet suggestions of who to follow on twitter let me know. I am following Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen.. the important people really.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


First off shoutout to Gwen at She is one of my fav single lady bloggers, when the blog world often seems dominated by woman in couples! Yuck couples

On a different note in two weeks I will be finished my first semester of Grad school! Its going to be quite busy in the next couple of weeks which is nice and distracting. Hopefully it will go by super fast. I know everyone has been making list of things they want to do in the summer but I hate list that have the potential to make me feel unaccomplished. However here are something I want to do when I'm at home:
-Go drinking with my ladies!
-Go to my fav place: Zees (haha)
- Eat some delicious greek food/coffee and friends
- eat ALOT of bbq
- Go swimming!
-Visit PEI
- Watch a season of something with my Little Sis!
- Hang out with my Ma
- Go swimming some more (and try not to get much more tanned)

Those are the main things although there is definitely room for suggestions. I basically can't wait! This semester has been hard but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Saw this over at The Triumphs and Blunders of a Kooky Girl : and I have been listening to it ever since. LOVE!

I'm going to update soon with some of the crappy news casts I've been making.. Soon.. I kind of promise.. as long as I figure out how to get them onto my computer haha.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pics From this Weekend(In Random order)

Brian with the deep fried mars bar(less excited than others will be) Bethany and Brian post Mars Bar

Great Lake Swimmers
(Amazing! Check out Your Rocky Spine or Changing Colours)

Ian's Brother Sam..I find him quite good looking..

Being Super Excited before the Great Lake Swimmers

Fancy Restaurant where the wait staff sang!!They were singing a whole new world because Ian requested it.

Bethany and I at the fancy restaurant.

Bethany excited for the deep fried mars bar.

Me SUPER excited for the mars may not have been that delicious.

At the GLS.

Me and Alex are SUPER excited to be at Home County(the festival) Rui seems embarrased to be around such foolish people.

Once again. SUPER excited.

At the fancy supper. Not sure why I look so pissed haha.
Anyways that was pretty much my weekend. Sunday I literally slept all day minus a quick sleep break when I got groceries.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My saddest Electronic moment(to date..please don't die Lappy!)

So my 2nd generation 4 year old ipod nano has officially died. Which is really sad for me because I had a ton of music on it that I only had on it and not my computer. Many a song on it was stolen from other computers. How I loved that tiny music player. I had been resisting getting a new one first because it still worked. And because I knew it would suck to get the music off. But in retrospect it might have been a good idea to have made a list or something of songs.

It no longer lights up and my computer tells me it can't recognize it at this time. So I think its gone for good. I feel like I should do something symbolic with it but I am definitely going to just keep it in case it decides to work again. RIP Ipod(I never named it..strange..)Many a good time with you. Parties were supplied music, drives were made more fun/ at least bearable, you made me feel better when I was down and accomadated many a dance party. Without you I would have never exercised and many a walk wouldn't have been taken. I loved you more than any of my other electronics as you never let me down.

Mine is about a thousand times more scratched up and has a blue tinge from the blue food coloring in my backpack.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

In my life I have had 3 sunburns. I generally don't wear sunscreen (bad I know) but its because I pretty much never burn. I worked outside for like 3 summers and it always worked out fine.

The first sunburn I got was when I was 19. I went canoeing on an incredibly hot day for like 8 hours without sunscreen. It was pretty much impossible for me not to burn.

The 2nd time I burned was from a tanning bed. I'd over estimated how long I could stay in.

And my 3rd sunburn happened yesterday. I went to a beach on Lake Huron with some people from class, which was suprisingly nice. I love the beach so the day was super fun. But now I am ridiculously burnt pretty much everywhere.

Sunburns suck. I hope it turns into a tan pretty friggin quick.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't be like me.

So I feel the need to have a Tyler F post and explain what has been going on in detail. Cause I need help. My awkwardness is taking over.

Ok... Delaney you might want to skip this one..since we already talked about this one..Go listen to the song I left on your fb wall.

So last week, june 30 I went out with the class drinking because I was feeling antsy because I was flying home the next day. This also made me braver than I normally would be I believe. So we gathered at one of out house and an unprecedented number of people came out(like 15 of the 31 plus some significant others).

Anyways so remember how I said I had a crush in my class. Well he was there. At first we weren't really hanging out but once we got to the bar we were sitting beside each other in the booth so we talked. Alot. About ridiculous things. From Harry Potter to this girl who was text who he knew wasn't the one apparently. All of this just made me like him more. I don't remember everything we currently talked about but we had alot of things in common.

Anyways during this time I was drinking. And somehow that turned into me drinking alot.And being quite drunk. Things get hazy at this point.
Eventually we leave the bar and go and get fries somewhere. There are like 3 boys and me that I recall there. I get water which was probably a smart choice.

I somehow end up walking home with my crush and another guy in my class. I don't know why. I don't live anywhere near either of them. We have my crush's bike.
For some reason I decide to drive the bike. I almost immediately fall off of it because it is probably a foot too tall for me.
My crush then piggy backs me for a bit. I believe the friend is biking around at this point.
We end up kissing.
And then we go to the friends house.
We continue to make out and such while the friend sleeps in the same room because its a one bedroom bachelor.(This is especially shameful to me)
We have ridiculously deep conversation about our life goals, family, god and such.
I then realize its like 6 and I should go catch my plane.
I walk directly into a screen door, bounce back off of it then make my ungraceful exit.
I think go home for 4 days. This was wonderful, plenty of time to avoid.
But now I'm back in class. He is in all of them. The friend is not but is in about half.I'm not sure home much he knows. and I am very unsuccessfully trying not to be awkward.
We have talked but definitely not about these events, Delaney convinced me avoidance was not the way to go(cause I take love advice from my 15 year old sister). I am apparently acting as I did before.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

I may have done something ridiculous while drinking with the class on wednesday.. that combined with being on way too many planes today makes me not want to go to school tommorow..I probably should have just stayed in the maritimes.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


I can't get the ants out of my pants today.. and I suspect they will only get worse as the week goes on. Cause Thusday I'm Flying home for a quick visit!!!!!!!!!!I am pretty much going to burst with excitment. I feel really sorry for the people that are going to have to deal with me on wednesday. Its not going to be pretty. Anyways going home is now all I can think about. Which is unhelpful since I am apparently using my "critical thinking" to do an assignment.

Imminent Distraction: I am probably going to go out tonight with my journalism class. Which is also more fun to think about than critical thinking.

Ridiculous distraction: After I had left my house to come toschool to workon my homework I realized I have not returned my library books. I am now feeling guilty about late fee. I supposeif I focused I could get home on time to return them but alas that seems unlikely.

Also to those of you who might think I am doing my work in a timely manner because I am working on a saturday, don't be fooled. This assignment is due at 6 pm today, an evil system my profs have worked out, I believe to prevent funtimes on fridays.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Update..AKA my BORING life..

So I started the TV section of my journalism program and as I suspected I love it!.. I was pretty much made to be on tv(except for my awkward twitches..aka neck skin pulling, glasses fiddling and hair shaking) but I also love the editing and behind the scenes parts of tv. And the teamwork, much more fun than sitting alone writing(at least in my opinion).

Also I dyed my hair back to dark brown because my roots from the blonde were driving me crazy. I saw a picture of it from friday and it was disgusting.

Exhibit A

(It was also early and I hadn't showered but still..awful)

Anyways so its now kind of closer to being back towards my natural colour. And the first person to notice it may or may not have been the person I might have a sort of crush on... which was good for my ego haha..

Anyways maybe when I have done some more news cast I will post them or something... but for now Peace out!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simple things

The lovely Nathalie over at inspired me to think about some of the simple things I love:

1.The Beach- Anytime of year, it just makes me happy to see the ocean.

2. The smell of nature after it rains- This one of the my favorite things about my current city- it always smells really good because its full of trees unlike most cities.Plus it has rained alot since I got here.

3. Thunder and Lightning

4. Baked good- such as cupcakes and cookies.

5. Hugs- Apparently your supposed to get 5 a day. This is currently not happening for me and I miss it more than I would have thought.

6. Old couples walking together. Its just about the sweetest thing ever.

7. Books that your sad to finish reading because you feel like your losing a friend or finishing a huge adventure.

8. Reading those books again.

9. BBQ and Campfires.

10. My family and friends (because most of you are simple bahaha)

Also check out my little sister's blog here:
Perhaps that will encourage here to carry on with it.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ridiculous Rant!

So know what makes me super pissed? Eharmony ads! How do they know grocery shopping is better with someone else??? I kind of like going alone.. I can listen to my ipod and dance down the aisles and none of the old people notice or care(as I live in an old neighbourhood and there is basically only old people in my grocery store) and I can buy as much chocolate and unhealthy crap and noone judges me but the checkout ladies.. and really they probably don't give a shit.. I HATE how there so much pressure to be in a relationship in the world when I'm just trying to function as a person let alone have to deal with having to function in a couple as well..BLLAARRG!! LET ME BE HAPPY BY MYSELF God damn!

ps. I am probably lonely and lying..but indignant as well. I'm going to get some kind of delicious icy drink with whipped cream that will completely make up for the fact I'm not getting laid..(sorry about the vulgarity)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

toddler or old person?

So I didn't have my afternoon nap today..and now its 9 oclock and I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to go to bed immediately... I didn't have a temper tantrum without my nap so I am probably closer to an old person..or at least a well behaved toddler..

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

If I was doing my homework this much in advance would I truly be me?

So in the spirit of procrastination I was looking at postsecrets..which is amazing in general but there was a playlist of songs..and this one was one of them..

And I love it from a completely not homesick, just loving music kind of way! hahaha.. Although I do miss certain people..but I always miss people no matter where I am so whatev..

On a side note, mainly to my sorority ladies, I am doing a story about sororities here, theres 5, and they look AWESOME! I'm pretty jealous, and hoping they will take me in as a sorority orphan haha..jk..

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh sweet dangerous love..

So I may not have mentioned this but I used to have this thing for online shopping.. aka I loved it.. and was semi addicted to it... and by semi I mean really addicted.. I still have things I've never worn cause I got it offline and it ended up being terrible. So when I got my student loan yesterday I knew I shouldn't..but somehow I ended up ordering these 3 things..I feel guilty and slightly dirty about it but also excited:

The last 2 can be tied like a million different ways so really I think it can be justified cause its like 20 different dresses. I may try and venture into the real world today for shorts because I really didn't pack enough when I came here.

Also and this is embarassing cause I don't really talk about such things..but I think I might have a crush.. Why do I think that you ask? Well he was talking about a song thursday night and I downloaded the whole album and listened to it..even tho I didn't like it very much at all...I am 15 big deal.. But I think its going to stay at crush level I believe cause he's in my class and that could make things awkward if they didn't work out..and by work out I mean if I made out with him then tried to ignore him...cause thats what I do..

Anyways since I now how delicious food I am going to go eat something..probably just toast actually but now I have strawberry jam..which I had been eating raspberry which I don't like nearly as much but I had accidentally bought. Anyways Peace out home slices!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Poverty Diet

Spaghetti with butter and cheese
Instant Pudding
Special K (without milk)
Baby Carrots

My student loan should be in early next week..and I can't wait... I'm feeling a little deprived of vitamins..Plus I want new summer clothes..

Sunday, May 30, 2010

So I should be doing a million projects..

BUT I'm blogging instead... Story of my weekend in doing other things when I should be doing the million projects that are due tommorow and tuesday.

Guess What?????? T-Pain is having a Giveaway! Yay! Those things are fun! PS Tyler I forgot to mention how much I love your cat in my comment.. Basically he is Hilarious. SO go here if you want to be involved in super awesome fun times:

Well I guess I will do my work.. If anyone has ideas for stories that would be cool to write about or if you want me to interview you about something comment and I will. Cause I always have a million to write.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Good Song

Not new or anything...but it helps me drown out other songs..and its lots of fun!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I may have to murder one of my new roommates. She has been singing/ listening to the "hey soul sister" song for like 3 days. Non stop. I hadn't heard this song before, and don't know the name, yet she has caused me to have intense hate for it.
Since I can no longer stand it I'm going to fireworks tonight for victoria day(also because fireworks are fun).

I miss you Jojo..and your non singing least non repetitive singing..

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Superhero Powers

I've decided that the best super hero power would be instant transportation. Sure it would be fun to be invisible or to fly or like read minds but I really think instant transportation would be the best one. Cause then you could instantly be exactly where you want to be and then be back at say the place you need to be. Or in a bank vault and then out again.. I think this may have been in a movie or something haha..

The previous quote I got from one of my new friends profiles..cause I am a facebook creep.. Anyways here's another one courtesy of Mrs. T Sage:
"Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldn't work. Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. Then we would have to say good-bye. I hate good-byes. I know what I need. I need more hello's." Charlie Brown

Ps. I'm sad I can't go to graduation..hence this depressing post haha..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

“You may not be her first, her last, or her only. She loved before she may love again. But if she loves you now, what else matters? She’s not perfect - you aren’t either, and the two of you may never be perfect together but if she can make you laugh, cause you to think twice, and admit to being human and making mistakes, hold onto her and give her the most you can. She may not be thinking about you every second of the day, but she will give you a part of her that she knows you can break - her heart. So don’t hurt her, don’t change her, don’t analyze and don’t expect more than she can give. Smile when she makes you happy, let her know when she makes you mad, and miss her when she’s not there.”
- Bob Marley

I like this

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Directionally Challenged.

So I have discovered that I am not that good at figuring out where I am in the world. My former University town was situated on a giant hill which allowed for semi easy navigation because you could tell if you were going either up or down and which direction you should be heading east or west in relation to the hil. I've discovered in my new city that when an area is flat it is much harder to distinguish which way you should be going, because all directions look the same. I haven't gotten lost to many times on foot but taking the bus is another story. Even when I'm on a road I know it is tricky to tell which direction I should be walking in order to get home.

Class are ok. Seems like classes are going to be intense but I just try and remind myself this is only for a year, and without it my current 4 and half year degree will be worth basically nothing. The people all seem very nice and I think my class will work well as a group overall.

I got a public library card today because I was going into sever withdraw without my millions of books. I thought it wouldn't be so bad but the couple of paperbacks I buy every time I am in a store with books begs to differ. I figured the library card would help save money.

My ridiculousness has been mainly confined to getting lost so I think thats about all my news. Perhaps so of my favs will also feel the need to post after this.. I miss hearing about your life :( LOVE TO ALL!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Is it August yet?

Today was overwhelming. Makes me wonder why I'm here. I'm not exactly sure this program is for me. Hopefully next week things will come together scholwise.

I did meet some nice people today tho. My program is small(31 people)so the profs lead us to believe we will be tight by the end of this. And to start on this journey of friendship we are mainly all going out tonight to a bar I am remembering as Sweeps but that might just be a trick of the mind relating back to sweets haha.

Well my brain is dead for now. I think I need a nap.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today's goal: Be Braver

So after a relatively optimistic start to the day yesterday I tried to nap in the afternoon, which led me to completely chickening out about meeting the rest of my roommates. I literally stayed in my room from like 2 till 12ish because I was too afraid to go out, because they would think I was weird for being in my room so long. I just get generally nervous about these things. I also started to feel irrationally homesick, which staying in my room probably didn't help. I also had very little in the way of resources so I was hungry/thirsty for alot of it. But today I'm going to do better. Mainly so I don't starve in here. Plus I want to figure out where campus is in relationship to my house and figure out some stuff for my student loan. All things requiring to go against my non confronting of my fears/ shyness approach that I generally use. Tpain- I only have my blackberry but I have taken some pictures with it. As sooon as I figure out how to get them onto my computer I will post them.Also I am sure you will never have to be on a plane such as that one. It probably only goes to here.Plus you know how to swim so it would be ok. Tmo- I hope your move is going well as well. You should blog about it soon! And B-A real gangta-ass nigga knows the play. To Everyone: Miss you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miss you..

So I made it to my new university town relatively unscathed. And it turns out the people I am living with seem very nice, and don't seem to want to kill me and harvest my organs, which I was starting to believe was a possibility. Also the house is really nice and in a really nice neighbourhood with a huge back yard and deck. Which is going to be nice in the summer. Also my landlady took me to buy groceries so I wouldn't have to walk and invited me to come swimming in her pool this summer. Which is all very nice. I just hope my program turns out to be just as pleasant.

However I miss being someplace where people know me and I'm sort of sad I couldn't bring more of my stuff with me(Flying limited the not clothes related space. Also as a sidenote I have a frigging lot of clothes. Its almost ridiculous). I miss home as well and all my lovely friends that no longer cause me to be extremely awkward.

I'm optimistic now that things are going to turn out ok, if the house is any indication of what is to come. I'm also optimistically hoping some of the people who know me will decide to make a trip this way soon haha(this is only half a joke. I'm lonely)

On a different note I flew in the sketchiest plane ever in the connecting flight from Toronto. There were 6 people on this plane 8 if you count the stewardess and the captain. There was not any oxygen mask things that fall from the ceiling and instead of having like jackets(like the crappy inflating ones, the instructions were to hold on the the seat cushions to float if the plane was to crash. Now I'm a pretty good swimmer so I might have survived this crash but frig any none swimmer would be fucked I'm almost positive. How are you supposed to grab the seat cushion your sitting on as a plane is crashing? This rant is probably a product of too much lost.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

I love Jason Segel

I forgot how funny this movie was. Full of gems like this moment.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dear TMO (and other blog readers as well)

I am now at my parent's home for the week between when I finished university and before I start my masters.(This is mainly for people who don't know me directly) Anyways since I've gotten home I've done a whole lot of nothing except lay around with my little sister watching how I met your mother(The worlds best show), read, got my taxes done and spent sometime at the bank. So basically nothing blog worthy. I would say I wish I was being more interesting but its nice to not have to do anything for a bit, and to be able to stop saying goodbye to people. Cause man that sucked. Anyways to all my university friends I miss/Love you! And to my other followers I am sure I'm going to have lots of ridiculousness to write about soon!(Hopefully)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I had the worst pita ever last night...It was all paper and onions. I think that sums up the events of the evening.

Friday, April 23, 2010

I love Glee

So I'm home alone and bored. And I love this:

Writer's Block..sort of

So I'm trying not to post these days unless I have something good to say. And I have had some lovely time lately that I vould write about. Its just I can't figure out a narrative that doesn't sound super nostalgic for moments that are in my immediate past. Currently everything just feels like an extended goodbye, which I imagine would be tiring to hear about everyday from me. So here is just a random story about me and my roomie- just facts no nostalgia haha:

So everytime one of us leave for any period time basically we both have to stay up to all hours, Just to get all our talk out for the time we aren't going to see each other everyday, which I guess kind of makes sense. Also both of us can be crappy sleepers. So yesterday, or I guess early this morning at 3:30 am we realized that we were both wide awake so we decided to go for a walk across the walking bridge downtown. This was really nice as it was pretty warm out and walking kind of tires you out at that time of night. Also its good to get all the talking out. So we were walking along the bridge and on it theres these like alcoves where you can stop and theres benches. Before we went on the bridge I was like gee I hope that isn't wear hobbos sleep. So when were walking we notice there is someone sleeping in one of those alcove bench things. Which at the time was hysterical cause we were like trying to tiptoe by this person so they didn't wake up and kill us. Our hope was it was someone biking home drunk and then they stopped and passed out. Which is almost as ridiculous as being out for a walk at 3 in the morning.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My fav thing about lost:

This Guy:

I can't even explain it.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I am done like dinner.

Last exam at this school today! To bad new school starts in like 2 weeks, which does not constitute an awesome summer vacation. Hopefully I will make it to pei for a vist with my family there, get to say goodbye my friends her, have sometime at home and still be able to adequately prepare myself to leave. Anyways this is a lame post. laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmeeeeeee..... but nothing else has happened really..and I'm sleepy.As per usual.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I hope this is a premonition for my future.

So yesterday I had to get up at 7 so that I could catch the bus so I would be on time for my first exam.Yuck. So anyways that meant that after my exam I had to take a nap, because I am lazy like that. Anyways a lot of the time when I take naps I have super scary or ridiculous dreams. But yesterday my ridiculous subconscious had a treat for me in store. Here is a recap of my best dream ever:
1. We went to the bar in my dream and at the bar were rickshaws. But rickshaws in my dream were incredibly hot tall and muscly men that carry you around the bar. This prevents people from stepping on you or pushing you. Plus they were all super hot.

2. We realize our rickshaw has been mistreated and decide to help him escape. We get him out and somehow along the way I am granted the ability to make wishes. I just have to wink and then a unicorn will appear and grant my wishes.

3. Since the rickshaw we have rescued is shirtless(They all were actually.. I just forgot to mention it) I decided my first wish would be for a shirt for him. So I wink and up drives up a transfer truck. In this truck is a trucker and his children, one of whom is holding my pink stuffed unicorn. So I figure that is a unicorn appearing so we ask them if they by chance have some shirts.

4. It turns out that the truck is a shirt truck. So we get in the back and try on many shirts.It was generally lots of fun.

So I know hope that this means there is lots of hot shirtless men in my future. Hopefully they are as hot as my imagination led me to believe.

My Unicorn, that can now apparently grant wishes.

Wouldn't you like these boys to give you a piggyback around the bar?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just so I don't forget

I am getting this tattooed to my forehead. Seriously. Just so I don't forget.

For anyone who hasn't read Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy this will mean nothing. So this is mainly for Ashley: Remember the part where everything is like the alternate universe and the guide says panic instead of don't panic? Thats how I've been feeling lately haha. Oh dear.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I've never been one for countdowns..

I generally like to think that countdowns are just wishing time away and that is something I feel like I shouldn't do. No offense to the people that like them clearly, we all have our own reasons. Anyways I generally just try and live in the present and not worrry to much about the future. However this is what I currently know:
1. There are 21 days until I leave the University town I have spent the last 4 and 1/2 years.
2. There are 28 days till I leave everything I know and love for grad school.
3. I have many things to do during this time
4. I am super afraid.But also excited for this new part of my life. I'm not sure which of these feelings overpower the other.
5. I want this time to go by as fast and as slow as possible. I want to get it over with in the sense that I hate extended goodbyes and that I want the anticipation to go away about the scary parts. However I want as much time as possible with my friends and family before I go.

So my basic point is this: I probably won't be blogging alot in the next month. However after that I may be blogging alot because thats what I do when I'm alone.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Some funny Stuff.

A video I was involved with making for class (I am the star ps)

Some Pretty Hilarious friends of mine. This is their contribution from the 48 Hour Film Festival (Happy B?)

Another video made by some of my friend for the 48 hour film fest. They are also funny.

Also for everyone who was worried I have found my ipod cord. No thanks to Jo but maybe a bit to Tmo for at least bringing it back to the house.(Although she was definatly involved with hiding it afterwards)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Beware: Ranting to Follow.

I have lost my ipod cord. Which was ok when my ipod still battery charge. But now it doesn't and going on the bus without it makes me rageful. Because people on the bus are crazy or stupid. Mainly both. And they seem to feel the need to talk really loud about the stupid lives. and I DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT THEIR LIVES that they are so inconsiderately talking so frigging loud about. At least use your indor voices people. There is no need to yell across the whole frigging bus. Well I feel sort of better now that I said this. But that is how much I direly need to find that frigging cord. Otherwise I may become one of these crazy yelling people on the bus.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I don't know why I keep distracting myself?

I can't stop procrastinating!!I think I have a disease.

My life hurts

Drinking on a sunday was maybe not the best plan. Also someone happened to drop me then fall on top of me so my bones hurt. And to convince me to sing kareoke I was forced to drink many doubles. My bones hurt, my skin hurts.

On a more annoying note my laptop cord is being super stupid and only working like half the time. The power cord that is. I have to hold it at really awkward angles to make it work. I just had it replaced in like may or june last year so I don't know how I am so frigging hard them that they have to keep breaking.

I got my pictures back from the photoshoot that was done at the Moulin Rouge Bachelorette. Many of them are quite awkward and terrible but some turned out nice. Here is one of my favorites. Pretty sure the photographer was a genius to be able to catch me looking nice. Here is my favorite:

I would put up one of the awkward ones to contrast but really I think there are enough awkward pictures of me out there in the world.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Things I said I'd never do..

Kareoke- Brendan somehow convinced me to sing. We did a lovely duet of Summer Nights from grease. That is how last night went down.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hi New Blog Following People

So i was pretty suprised today when I woke up to find that I had 2 new followers, especially with my recent lack of good blogging. So Hi, glad you found me enjoyable enough to stick around for a bit. I will try and be more interesting.

However I had a pretty boring weekend. My little sister came up for her march break, so that was pretty much the highlight. I was on set all day yesterday for the big film project in my film class, which was lots of fun. I had a minimally important job, documentary crew, so I spent all day hanging out and talking to to people(which is basically what my job entailed). I also got to creep around and watch people in action, which was pretty fun. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but there is the world's creepiest guy in my film class. Its hard to describe what exactly makes him so creepy but he is just always saying weird things and staring.He is just socially awkward in the bad kind of way. Anyways he is the one who is going to edit my footage which is too bad. I don't know if he will respect my creative vision haha. He asked me what my sign was..seriously.
Other than that I went to a dinner for 2 of my friends who just got married then spent the rest of the night hanging out with my little sister.

I am quite sad that my little sister had to return to our home(about 6 hours away), so I have been just laying around and watching degrassi the next generation(my comforting thing). I don't like to think about next year when I am going to be a million hours away instead of just six.Well probably like 25 hours.

Tonight I'm going to the awards ceremony for the film fest that I went too. It should be a good time, hopefully involving some beer, which is sort of what I feel I need right now. Or else about a million more hours of sleep.

Anyways that is all.

Friday, March 19, 2010

I am a terrible blogger..

So I realized I am a terrible blogger lately. I have been really busy but mainly I don't want to go into details about what I have been up to because I am lazy. So I thought I would share in list form the highlights of my week since I last posted.
1. I went to a very fun Molin Rouge Themed Bachelorette Party.
2. I decided I hate my hair.
3. I went to a film screening for a film competition(that I wasn't in because of the Bachelorette party but several of my friends were)
4. My little sister came down for her March Break.
5. I got into grad school(Which is very exciting, relieving and terrifying all at the same time)

Thats about all that has happened. I am looking forward to a film shoot for school tommorow, in which I am the documentary crew so I'm not doing anything I can screw up.Perhaps Next week I will write a more elaborate post with like descriptions and emotions and things.

Friday, March 12, 2010

My New Haircut (not of the Tpain in a motorcycle..I'm still confused by that..but yeah..)

So I got my hair done today. I either like it or hate it. I'm not positive.Its pretty different and I am not always good at dealing with change even tho I pretend I am. I'm waiting for jo to come home and tell me what she thinks cause I usually agree with her. It smells nice tho.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Film Project

So this is one of the things that I have been doing instead of blogging haha. Note my starring role aka two seconds of on camera time in which I make awkward faces. I may also do some neck pulling which is one of my incredibly ridiculous awkward things. As well as making faces apparently. This was my first experience editing so it took forever and alot of whinning for help to make this. Also the reason the video looks so grainy is because it was shot on film on an incredibly old type of camera called a bolex. You had to like wind it to make it work and it doesn't record sound.Anyways it was lots of fun, don't judge to harshly haha.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My new favorite song..

I love this. Its so Happy.

Monday, March 8, 2010


I am sick. My head hurts when I move it. I was going to talk about my weekend but I think I'm going to just lay down and prepare myself for when I have to call in sick( not actuallly cause I am sick but because I have school stuff I have to do when I'm scheduled). This is something I hate. I actually hate talking on the phone in most cases unless its to like my friends or family. But I especially hate calling in sick because I have a deranged sense of guilt. bllarrrgg.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Dear..

So those of you who remember the dogtags situation here is an update, mainly cause I have no idea what to do about it. Basically after the last time I posted about him I made a vow to myself that I would just stop talking to him(my vows to myself can be taken really seriously or not depending on how I feel about the situation. But this one I stayed pretty stubborn about). And he messaged me a bunch of times with his classic line hey. And then he stopped after about like 10 days of him messaging me everyday and me not answering(which I realize is pretty passive but I figured he'd get the hint) Then all of february he was gone to the olympics(with the military, not for like a sport of anything) so I guess he stopped. But last night apparently he got back and message me once again with his classic line hey and I did not respond. But then today he sent me this one which caused me to go on this rant:I can understand if ur angry. but just txt me and say that u r. So now I feel all guilty like I should respond. I also want to know why he thinks I have a reason to be angry because I wasn't at all. I was actually just tired of putting any effort into a situation I cared little about. Which is maybe harsher now that I just threw that out there like that. I am mean. Any thoughts?

So instead of texting Dogtags last night I went and drank with my film buddies. Script writing turned into drinking because its march break and we can I guess. But it was lots of fun. And because I said I would here is my quote of the night "How did we get inside my ass" which actually sounds a million times worse than it is. Maybe I will leave the story a mystery until my next post....create some suspense. But really I don't know if I want that kind of suspense haha. So it was said during script writing(once the drinking had begun) and they were saying that the location would be my ass. And thats when I uttered those words that were a great opening for many dirty jokes. Apparently I naively say things all the time that can be turned into something dirty or thats what she said jokes.But all in all they are a pretty fun buch of people. Although they made fun of my sweater. and my tights/Jeans. and alot of other things. Maybe they are actually a bunch of jerks. Haha.

Anyways This post is turning out to be long. This is what happens when Jojo is not home at night I have no one to talk to.Except the cat. Who is not helpful about my problems. And doesn't really appreciate dirty jokes.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Oh Hi!!!

I have returned from my home to my university home. That is all my news as I was on the bus alllll day. Whcih makes me tired even though I was just sitting there. I did find out that t3s(tylenol 3) makes me car sick. So while I was sharing a seat with an old lady I was taking t3s and chasing them with gravol. So I looked like a disgrace to my generation. This is not the first time something of this nature has happened. But other than that I probably seemed pretty normal. Cause I just listened to my ipod other than that. Sorry generation.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My 100th Post= not so epic..

This is my 100th post...which I probably think means I need to get a life...but really I do what I want. Baiscally what is new in my life is I have broken my computer and my face hurts.

Here is my plea for help:(non computer geeks may want to skip this)
So I was downloading music and I haven't had a virus in awhile so I pretty much deserved this one. So I got this virus which I think my virus software had found and gotten rid of. But there seems to be some residual problems. When I try and open for instance the internet, something pops up and I have to pick what I want to open it. Then it works. So I don't know if the virus deleted the connection or if I still have a virus(I'm scanning my computer for the billionth time) Any thoughts? If not a virus does anyone know how to fix this? Cause it also won't let me click the thing that says to chose to open such files that way everytime? Help!

My face hurts cause I got my wisdom teeth out. It actually only hurts on one side and is barely swollen at all. My cheeks are kind of chubby anyways so I just look especially chubby cheeked adorable haha. But I have been having super vivid and messed dreams. I blame the codeine. It makes me think there are actually things happeneing in my room but not in a bad scary way more in a tripped out weird kind of way.

So this is it pretty much for what has been happening with me. How is everyone elses week going?

Monday, February 22, 2010

My 99th Post..

So I am one post away from 100 which I think is pretty exciting. Or really sad depending on how you want to look at it. But I don't really have anything interesting to write about... TMO you may find this interesting.. so you know how a certain person wrote on my fb wall yesterday about his shirt? I wrote back yesterday..and now its gone. For everyone else I guess here is the story: I was seeing this guy, and he left a shirt at a my house. He now has a girlfriend but wrote on my wall asking if I still had his shirt. I wrote back this: I do still have your shirt, we will have to trade back sometime..(cause he has my fake dad's shirt) So my thing is why write that on my wall if you don't want me to write back? I assume its because of his girlfriend but really.. its not like I didn't just answer his question. Weird.

Anyways I am going home wednesday to get my wisdom teeth out thursday. And I have lots of homework to do tommorow so it probably will be a couple days before I write anything else. Unless something super interesting happens because I feel like my 100th post should be epic! Perhaps I will write it when I am nice and drugged up.haha

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gold digging ways..

So I haven't been updating every 5 minutes cause my roomates got back aaaaaaaaaaannndd I had actual people to talk to. I figure its ok especially in consideration of the list thing because I skipped ahead in the first place. And I don't want to do the next ones. I guess this is an interesting fact about me: I often quit things. Very few activities in my life have actually managed to become a long term thing. The 30 day post thing mingt be one of them. I'm not sure yet. Anyways I am exciting because I have today and tommorow off just for my sorority pubcrawl that is I AIN'T SAYING SHE A GOLDDIGGER themed. I must now google ways to pimp my pubcrawl shirt out for this occasion.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pictures: Cause I want to finish this thing.

This is a Recent Pic of Me. As in from the pubcrawl this weekend. I don't believe a More recent Picture exists.

This is a pic of me that is over 10 years old. Its actually the only really old pic of me on my computer. I am probably 8 here(I know I always look younger.)Anyways I am in the bottom left.

This is a picture I took myself. Its the Friends building from my trip to New York City.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A picture that makes me sad

I wanted to get this one overwith cause I thought about it too much last night:

I just miss these boys..and I like how happy I look in these but it also makes me sad that we aren't like that anymore

I wanted to get this one overwith cause I thought about it too much last night:

A picture that makes me happy!

My Puppies!!
(Because it was too hard to pick one with people, I didn't want anyone to feel left out)

Monday, February 15, 2010

fake Parents come home!

So my roomates have been gone now for over a week and I am ready for them to be back. I watched the very end of season 4 Dexter(which was super retarded...I thought it was a terrible sad..not good at all) and then I kept seeing the frigging Trinity killer in the corner of my room. Which everything is exponentially less scary when people are home with you. Also I had a dream that I got accepted to some weird college thing which I didn't apply for but I'm thinking I should have heard from grad school soonish. But jo has the mail key so I can't check. Also the cat has been acting strangely affectionate(probably because I haven't been home that much) and I feel bad and that I am probably not the best pet owner.

Fake Family Pic On the way to Montreal(Probably not the Safest Plan)

My biggest pet peeve.

I think its kind of hard to think of such things until they actually happen. It would probably be people bossing me around when I am not in the mood to be told what to do or like when you just want to says something and the other person has to make it a competition about both your lives. Those are like big general kind of things that I don't always hate tho. One thing that drives me crazy almost no matter what is chanting and/or clapping along to things. Not like clapping at the end of a performance but like the kind where people are trying to be involved with what is happening. Both of this are super irrational but are super annoying to me.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My favorite book/ quote

Ok so I am a World literature and cultural studies major/english minor. So I read alot. So this one was super hard for me. Its also hard because it changes. There are books that I have loved forever, that are like old friends that you'll never let go of. But here it is, My favorite book is any from the Harry Potter series, and if I had to be specific probably the last one.

Since I slacked yesterday aka worked all day then immediatly went and did other things here is my favorite quote as well: "Perhaps we are the words that tell who we are." Eduardo Galeano. I like it because I take it that we all can define who we are and the world around us. So there is those 2 out of the way. Yay..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The only cure..

for a night like last night is a fudgesicle..even if it is only 7 in the morning. Work should be fun.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fill in the Blank Fridays...cause I LOVE filling things out.

1.I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes, Some lovely quiet time at switchboard. Cause I work. and because I am so alone in the world..hahaMe and the cat are going to rock out.

2.My biggest Guilty pleasure is, Taylor Swift. Don't judge me. Although I have ranted about hating her, I somehow started to love her music. And it shames me.

3.I am most proud of, My ability to overcome my shyness. I know this is hard for some to believe but I it used to be killer.

4.If I could chose an oufit to live in it would be, Something comfortable I guess. Cause I assume I also have to sleep in it? So like tights and a hoodie and my long socks.

5.People are, necessary. No man is an island.

6.I would rather, be at home right now than be at school.

7.I love school more than toast but less than a staple gun.

Day 3: My favourite..wait for it...Television show.

My favorite tv show right now is hands down How I met your mother. It is steak sause to the extreme. Currently like half of my favourite music is from this show..well really only the nada surf,but I think the decemberists were also on it, just not the song I said. Anyways this show is simply pure awesome.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weird things about my job..

I don't talk about my job much cause its boring. And I am always bored when I am there. So I figured it would make a boring post to talk about it. But one of the things about my work is there is lots of old men around(I work at a hardware store). Anyways I have lots of favorite old men customers that come in and will have a nice chat with me then go on their merry way. But every now and then there is a super creepy old man around that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Today I had a particularily awful one. Now I can speak french, and when people talk I can understand almost everything except for like slang that they don't teach you in school. The reasons I have troubles in school is because I have a hard time writing, not comprehension. Anyways so this old guy, well like probably 47 year old guy starts talking to me in french. But he is half talking in english so I figure he can understand me so I keep talking in english(cause I get self consious about my accent/grammar)Anyways this guy keeps talking to me in french, which I understand but I carry on just ringing things in becuase he is being semi obnoxious. Then this old guy, who I guess assumes I can't understand french starts saying creepy things about me to his friend, who also gets visibly embarrased. I was all red faced and awkward acting but I guess he thought I was just uncomfortable cause I couldn't understand him. And then when he left he whistled at me in like the innappropriate whistling kind of way. Anyways it was stupid. Thats my entire point. Old men should keep it to themselves.

Day 2: My favorite Movie

This is going to be a short one cause I know this one for sure...and have actually already talked about it in my blog. My favorite movie is Le Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain..and if you want to know about I wrote a post about it I think at the end of december. Basically watch it if you haven't, there are subtitles if you need them. Other honourable mentions would be Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Big Fish, Most disney movies and for sentimental reasons mainly The lizzie Maguire Movie.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day One:My favorite Song

I know I am just starting off with this list thingy and I shouldn't complain yet but heres the thing..I have a million favorite songs. It really depends on my mood. I also forget about song and then remember them and love them again. Or I will listen to a song too much and then hate it for awhile. So to gain some insight I decided to look at my ipod for my most played song. And the winner in that respect is Set fire to the third Bar by Snow Patrol Ft Martha Wainwright(I liked it way before it was on the commercial for the dear john movie. It was actually my ringtone for about 2 years ending in like november.) Although I do love this song and could probably get away with saying it is my favorite it now feels semi tainted cause it was on the commercial and I once again look like I am bandwagon jumping. So here are some other honorable mentions- The Recluse by Cursive- I've liked this since high school so it should be considered among my favorites. The littlest Birds- Be good Tanyas- This song usually makes me feel happy no matter what. Perfect Disguise by Modest Mouse- I thought I would include a song by them because they are undoubtedly my favorite band. The rest of my favorite songs are kind of isolated from anything else they singers sing aka I don't like it or have never tried listening to it. And Finally my current favorite song is either Inside of Love by Nada Surf or The Engine Driver by the decemberists because when either of them come on my ipod I don't skip them and always listen to them no matter my mood. Well this is much longer than expected but I get conflicted about music. and most things. This list thing might not go well cause I hate picking favorites. We will see I guess.

I like Bandwagons

So I am going to full out jump on to this one:
Day 1: My favorite song
Day 2: My favorite movie
Day 3: My favorite television program
Day 4: My favorite book
Day 5: My favorite quote
Day 6: My biggest pet peeve
Day 7: A photo that makes me happy
Day 8: A photo that makes me angry or sad
Day 9: A photo I took
Day 10: A photo of me taken over ten years ago
Day 11: A photo of me taken recently
Day 12: Whatever tickles my fancy
Day 13: A fictional book
Day 14: A non-fictional book
Day 15: A fanatic
Day 16: A song that makes me cry
Day 17: An art piece
Day 18: Whatever tickles my fancy
Day 19: A talent of mine
Day 20: A hobby of mine
Day 21: A recipe
Day 22: A website
Day 23: A YouTube video
Day 24: Whatever tickles my fancy
Day 25: My day, in great detail
Day 26: My week, in great detail
Day 27: My month, in great detail
Day 28: My year, in great detail
Day 29: Hopes, dreams and plans for the next 365 days
Day 30: Whatever tickles my fancy

I have been toying with the idea of copying certain folks for a couple of days now but now I am commited to doing so, mainly since Tpain has also done so. Hey T-mo maybe this is a good way to get back into the swing of things.

Random Thoughts

So no particularily big and exciting event has happened in my life recently so I figured I'd write about all the small and silly things that have happened instead.

1. The is a place called Roby in Texas. Roby is the "official"name on my drivers license(my learners),which is a typo cause my name is clearly robyn. If you want the full story go to my very first blog and that explains everything. But I was intrigued when I learned there is a place called Roby because I could develope an interesting back story to go with my fake name. Like perhaps thats where I was conceived and therefore my parents named me that retarded almost robyn name. The flaw with this and trying to use the license as id is that you can clearly see I signed robyn not roby but its a plan anyways.

2. French has this habit of making me forget every word ever. Not just french words but English words. Suddenly I'm trying to think of french words and I forget everything instead. I actually think this might be a helpful strategy cause if I could just forget everything and relearn it I might be better off you never know. I actually got a ok mark on my last french assignment a 64% which doesn't sound good but I normally am in the 55-57 range. I think my prof just feels bad for me tho cause I'm taking the class again.

3.I had a super weird dream where I was on a date with the creepy guy in my film class. We were at the movies(which is always the same weird theater I have never been too when I dream) and her was definatly invading my personal space and whatnot so I went and helped a small asian child find his grandparents as an excuse to get away from him.It was weird. I also dreamed there were new people working at my hardware store and that I had to climb a rickety ladder for their benefit. Also the computer at tool corral was all weird and different. I have like 3 other dreams I rememeber from last night which I think means I wasn't sleeping soundly enough. Cause thats when you remember dreams right?I don't really know but thats true from my experience.

I feel like I should end at 3 cause I'm not sure I could get a 5th and I don't like to end things on 4. I would like to mentioned I had a lovely visit from T-Mo(who is going to be the next to get blog policed haha)and Nicole(who I have to think of a good blog name for. Perhaps Mrs. Sage. Tmo you will have to show her this and see if she approves)yester day, which was nice.I mainly wanted to mention it so that tmo will write in her blog. I miss it. So sad. Anyways I would also like to mention that my ipod is driving me nuts so whenever anyone has any new music that they think I would like comment. Maybe I will write a nice blog about you. This is going much longer than normal cause I am bored waiting to go to class. and I am therefore rambling. But I guess I will go. Happy Hump day!(remember when that was super funny in like junior high..cause I said hump..haha)

Monday, February 8, 2010

"This is my house, I have to defend it"

I am home alone once again..but this time I have it rigged defensively against murderes..Probably anyways. For some reason, once I am home alone I always feel the need to watch things that might scare me. This time it was dexter. Because he can get into anywhere. That got me thinking about home alone and setting some kind of noise making defense up so that if someone did come in it would get knocked over and I could escape out my balcony or something. But thats a bad idea really cause the cat would probably know it over, or I would forget and knock it over myself and then annoy the neighbours.That would give the murdering neighbors incentive to come after me, which currently probably isn't that that high.

Well I guess I should get off the planning strategy for what I should do in case of my house being broken into. I am going to think about happy things, like the not so clever robbers from Home alone(which is where I got the title)They also were not the murdering type. Really if a robber was not going to murder or rape me I would just give them everything in the apartment. I would even help them carry it out. Not that jo and willis would be happy but I would be happy to be alive, which I think is probably more important.

Well since I clearly can't think of anything else, I am going to watch something so that I have happy thoughts before sleeping. I'm thinking some How I met your mother or degrassi the next generation.Later