My attempt to come to terms with the ridiculousness of my life..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Directionally Challenged.

So I have discovered that I am not that good at figuring out where I am in the world. My former University town was situated on a giant hill which allowed for semi easy navigation because you could tell if you were going either up or down and which direction you should be heading east or west in relation to the hil. I've discovered in my new city that when an area is flat it is much harder to distinguish which way you should be going, because all directions look the same. I haven't gotten lost to many times on foot but taking the bus is another story. Even when I'm on a road I know it is tricky to tell which direction I should be walking in order to get home.

Class are ok. Seems like classes are going to be intense but I just try and remind myself this is only for a year, and without it my current 4 and half year degree will be worth basically nothing. The people all seem very nice and I think my class will work well as a group overall.

I got a public library card today because I was going into sever withdraw without my millions of books. I thought it wouldn't be so bad but the couple of paperbacks I buy every time I am in a store with books begs to differ. I figured the library card would help save money.

My ridiculousness has been mainly confined to getting lost so I think thats about all my news. Perhaps so of my favs will also feel the need to post after this.. I miss hearing about your life :( LOVE TO ALL!!