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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life Update

This should be a novel because I never post and therefore the people who only read this were left on a bit of a cliff hanger.

-I haven't taken any drastic risks. Not my style I guess. I'm still trying to be braver though. Doing things even when they scare you is good. I just happen to be afraid of quite a few irrational things.

- The neck wrecker is still hanging around. He hasn't brutalized my neck since that first time, so that's good. He was also quite apologetic about the whole neck wrecking situation. So we've been hanging out for like 2 months. I don't really know if its going anywhere or what but I don't really care(Well maybe a little bit, but only cause my friends sort of freaked me out about it.)  Also the first guy I was talking about turned out to be a douche so the whole neck situation turned out to be a good preventative thing. Its weird how things work out like that sometimes.

- I moved! Its awesome. My new place is much quieter and generally safer feeling and just brighter and nicer in general. Although we have a mouse. I'm struggling between wanting to name it and wanting to kill it. What I'm really hoping is that is was just passing through and that it doesn't really live here. But I'm pretty sure there is a Sex and the City episode about how that is probably not true.

- School is on break! Am I ever relieve. With school and work and trying to have a social life I was getting quite busy. Even this week has been busy, although I am technically on break. Today is the first day I've really lazed around, but I'm doing other stuff in a bit so it won't be the whole day anyways. If you want to see my school endeavours check out our youtube page: . I make a fool of myself in more than one video.

- I'm going home next week, for my 2nd week of vacation. I find this very exciting because feeding myself and generally being a responsible poor student is hard. And I feel like baking but I don't really have a ton of baking supplies here. And I get to see my family! And my pets! So that's probably the best part.

Here are some pics of my new room(Surprise, Surprise it looks alot the same as my old room)

I would say this is the cleanest my room will ever be, but its about this clean right now because of the mouse. I didn't want it making a nest in the giant pile of clothes that is usually on my floor.