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Monday, May 28, 2012

Drunk Sundays, Cause Mondays don't suck enough without a hangover

So last night we(Me, Michelle W., Tia and Tia's France French Roomate) decided to go to Karaoke night at a local bar. I'm not sure why this seemed like a good idea, but at the time it seemed like it would be lots of fun which it was. I guess its only today I'm regretting it because I'm tired and no feeling tiptop. I have two different tangents for this story though.

1. The Crazy Neighbour Tangent

So I recently discovered that I have more than one super creepy, terrifying neighbour. This new one is I'm pretty sure some kind of drug dealer plus cracked out on hard drugs. All day yesterday he was out on our lawn, and everytime I left my building he would "Hey Girl" me, hit on me, then immediately forget who I was. Hopefully this means he still doesn't remember me. Anyways, he was drinking so when we decided we were going out, I was like he is definitely going to be there because its the only bar open on Sunday. Tia thought I was being paranoid but the very first person we saw when we got there was this crazy guy. He immediately hey girled us again, and showed us a giant handful of bills all crumpled up. He was escorted out of the bar, within a half hour of us getting there. I'm terrified that in the summer he will frequently be sitting on the lawn. I will say again, I need to move.

2. The Regular Bar Tangent (In which I assume I make an ass of myself)

So for unknown reasons once we get to the bar I decide I want to make friends at the table beside us. I peer pressure the sober driver of the group into dancing with me, then proceed to try and talk to them for awhile. I say try because I never heard any of their responses. But apparently they thought I was semi amusing cause the sober guy I was harassing got my number.  I also think I made an ass out of myself because I got up and sang THREE TIMES. The only other time I have sang at karaoke was with Brendan singing summer nights. My sober friend also blatantly lied to me by saying I did well. I know I didn't(not in a self deprecating way) I hella cannot sing. Like at all. But over all it was quite the fun night.

Friday, May 25, 2012

End Of an Era

One of my Best Friends T-Pain(T-Raging if you will) is about to embark on a major adventure and is moving exactly a million miles away. I know its going to be awesome, but dear god am I ever going to miss you. I was going to get sappy and emotional, but I feel like that might not be our style aka straight up gangsta(Plus it is hard to put into words how important you've been in my life). University may be over, but I hope this is a friendship that will last way longer than that anyways. (Blog Peer Pressure/ You're stuck with me FOREVER)
The Most Old School Picture I could Find.(How are you more tanned than me?)