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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A story in which I am both very stupid and very lucky

So yesterday I left my wallet on the bus. I took it out to pay for the bus and must have put it down on the seat or something. So anyways I realize its gone after I have gotten off the bus. And I called the bus people and the police and cancelled my visa. Today since the bus people basically told me it was hopeless, I got to go to the bank and convinced the lady to let me have a new bank card with no id whatsoever. Cause I had literally lost every piece of identification I had. But it was all working out and I got a bank card so I was pretty happy, although wary that someone might still steal my identity.

Then my cousin Jenna who I live with got a fb message from someone she knew who had found my wallet on the street and had seen that we were mutual friend. So Jenna gave her my phone number and she texted me that she had found it on the street, like really far from anywhere I had been. So I figured someone had found my wallet on the bus and then taken the 20$ cash and like probably my visa and tossed the wallet. But I was still pretty pumped to get anything back. So I go and meet this girl and she gives me back my wallet and literally nothing is missing from it. Like not even change. Its a testament to some honest people in the world, as well as the fact that I am quite lucky, as well as quite stupid for leaving it in the first place.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Change is sometimes not the worst

So i did end up quitting my job at the store selling scrubs. I know it sounds silly but it was super draining doing nothing all day, and just trying to find things to fill time. It was more tiring for me than working a busy day.
I'm now working at a call center. Today was my 3rd day and I actually kind of like it so far. Its kind of weird because I had worked at the same call center when I was 19. Its a different company now but its kind of strange to look back on how different I am now compared to then. But its kind of a good job for meeting a bunch of different people from all walks of life. And I think there are people I'll at least be work friends with, if not real friends.
I've been biking to work, which nearly killed me the first day, but wasn't as bad today. So I'm hoping my walking up the hill muscles were just dormant and can be switched to biking muscles. It takes about 35 mins to bike and 45 mins to take the bus, so I'm going to try to Bike until its too snowy. Plus its nice to do something active when you sit all day.
I also finished knitting one of my slippers! I was pumped but now I have to make another one that is at least pretty much the same. But I do have some motivation because all my apartment floors are tile and quite cold.
OH! The weird coincidence! I've left you(probs no one) in suspense for so long! So the first night I go out here, me and my cousin end up going to the bar then to a bit of an after party at our new friends house. And we are all just having a nice time and whatever so I decide that we are all going to be best friends and hang out again soon, so I start to add everyone to facebook. And then one of these boys was mutual friends with a certain group of boys I know and I was like "Oh how do you know these fellows" And he was like I used to live with them. And why this is a weird coincidence is because it was MY EX and all his friends! And I had stayed at their house a million times and never met him to my recollection! And this is especially weird because I CAN'T FUCKING SHAKE THIS GROUP OF FRIENDS. They are even invading my new life. But I was also pretty excited because I am pretty homesick for my friends. And I texted said ex and we actually had a pretty nice talk, which hopefully means that someday I will be over the whole thing.
My only other news is that My Male BFF and his lame gf came over for a visit. I had hoped it would be really fun but it ended up being kind of weird because the gf just kind of makes things awkward especially when there is no one else around to kind of shoulder some of the awkwardness. But I was actually pretty happy to see them.

Monday, September 15, 2014


So things have been going pretty well for me. I got both jobs that I had interviews for. Unfortunately the job I initially took, in a store that sells medical scrubs, is hella boring. Like face melting boring. And I'm used to boring retail jobs. I'm unsure if I'm just at the point in my life where i no longer want to retail or if it is actually as boring as I think it is. Its hard to complain cause like money but like also there is literally nothing to do but stand there by myself. And I'm not allowed to read or anything. I feel silly but I dread it every day. So I'm still looking for another job. And I might just go work at the other place which is a call center that the training class doesn't start until the 30th. But I'm already dreading having to quit another job, as I really had to psych myself up for it last time, and I felt terrible about it. So I'm not living in poverty which is good, but also I need to keep working towards a better job.
 I've been spending a lot of time with my older sister, which is really nice. We've been knitting every Sunday and we are going to start going to yoga on Monday nights. I'm making slippers, and will possibly post pictures when I'm done. I also got to see a couple of my cousins other than the one I live with which is also nice. I have the best family.
My most exciting news is I can put may hair in a really pathetic ponytail now, and it makes me really happy. I also hard a story of weird coincidences but its long so I think I'm going to save it for a later date. So basically things are ok. I'm still settling in, and getting used to things. I miss Fredericton but I think all in all I'm going to be happy about my decision to move eventually.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Coming home is hard. Mainly because I'm leaving a place behind that I also consider home. I'm super sensitive currently, case and point I cried on public transit today. For no real reason except that my Mom told me I was going to have to put in an effort, which is something I know. But I had just had an interview, which I find stressful, although I'm pretty much sure I got the job. And I have another interview tomorrow a bit closer to my new apartment. Which are both good but stressful things. I just want to get into a new routine, have a job so I don't have to worry about not paying bill and get on with actually living in a new place rather than just being on the edge of living here, if that makes any sense. I'm actually pretty sure it didn't make much sense but my basic point is I'm not really okay today, but that's alright too because I probably eventually will be.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Times they are a changing

Hi Blog world, it has been over a year since I've written anything. Which is weird because this was my jam for a little bit. I have been frequently writing in a journal as of late, but I have been finding that when writing for myself I leave out many of the details that would help in documenting certain events, because I already know them. 
Also another friend who had stopped blogging has decided to start blogging again as well so I figure it's the perfect time to start again as well.
So here is my life update: I'm leaving the city I've lived in for about 8 years on and off, the city where my whole life is except for most of my family. I'm relocating to the city where most of my family lives, because I want to spend more time with them, especially my nieces and nephews who are growing up way too quickly. I'm also doing it because I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut here. I'm excited about this but also not, because I'm scared and because I do currently love my life, and I have so much fun all the time. I also hate change. 

I've also acquired a big dog, who I will most likely blog about all the time, because I find him pretty funny. Here he is:

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Tv show suggestions

Give them to me! Preferably stuff that has more than 2 seasons because I watch obscene amounts of television apparently. That being said if its an obvious suggestion ie Game of thrones or like Parks and Rec I probably already watch it.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Emergency: Input needed Immediately

Ok, I recently got an iphone, and with it discovered Songza which is super fun. So today whilst cleaning I was listening to a play list called "At a 90's School Dance" cause I am super cool. Then this sonh comes on:(Listen to it! I will need your input based on this song)

Ok, so I hadn't heard this song since I'm pretty sure like 6th grade when I just thought it was about wanting to be someones boyfriend. But as I listened/sang today I realized a double meaning that I had not previously noticed was there. But here is my dilemma: I can't decide if its about someone who is in a friends with benefits relationship who wants more or if it is about a bunch of guys demanding to have sex with the girl they are hanging out with or else its over. So help! Either way childhood innocence broken.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Things that might kill me but probably won't.

So for reasons I can no longer fathom, I agreed to be a part of the Vagina Monologues. So this is bad for the following reasons:
    1. I am a terrible actress. I am told that this is not a problem as the Vagina Monologues are about real women blah blah blah.
    2. I am terrified of standing and speaking in front of people. I don't like it, but it is made worse by the fact that I am suppose to be acting, which is something I'm not good at.
    3. My face doesn't match the emotional resonance of my piece because my terrified face is innexplicably also my smiling face. I also have a bad habit of fear laughter.
So I probably won't die from fear or embarrasment but I might. I MIGHT.

Monday, February 4, 2013

HAHAHA I don't know why I never published this

“This is my depressed stance. When you're depressed, it makes a lot of difference how you stand. The worst thing you can do is straighten up and hold your head high because then you'll start to feel better. If you're going to get any joy out of being depressed, you've got to stand like this.” Charlie Brown