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Thursday, October 16, 2014

A story in which I am both very stupid and very lucky

So yesterday I left my wallet on the bus. I took it out to pay for the bus and must have put it down on the seat or something. So anyways I realize its gone after I have gotten off the bus. And I called the bus people and the police and cancelled my visa. Today since the bus people basically told me it was hopeless, I got to go to the bank and convinced the lady to let me have a new bank card with no id whatsoever. Cause I had literally lost every piece of identification I had. But it was all working out and I got a bank card so I was pretty happy, although wary that someone might still steal my identity.

Then my cousin Jenna who I live with got a fb message from someone she knew who had found my wallet on the street and had seen that we were mutual friend. So Jenna gave her my phone number and she texted me that she had found it on the street, like really far from anywhere I had been. So I figured someone had found my wallet on the bus and then taken the 20$ cash and like probably my visa and tossed the wallet. But I was still pretty pumped to get anything back. So I go and meet this girl and she gives me back my wallet and literally nothing is missing from it. Like not even change. Its a testament to some honest people in the world, as well as the fact that I am quite lucky, as well as quite stupid for leaving it in the first place.

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  1. That is super lucky. Too bad you cancelled your visa and got a new bank card and stuff before getting it back, but at the same time you did the right thing. This is making me want to live there even more haha