My attempt to come to terms with the ridiculousness of my life..

Thursday, November 26, 2009

I wonder..

Do you think the cakes on cake boss are actually delicious? Cause they look cool and all but sometimes it seems like there would be way to much icing or that things wouldn't taste good.. Like when they make stuff out of rice crispies and then cover them with icing..doesn't seem like it would taste good at all. I generally love cake, really all cake but sometimes it seems a bit much. My favorite cake is cheesecake(in every manifestation..except maybe with bananas or lemons cause I don't really like those but in cheesecake its hard to tell) closely followed by the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing from the market. It actually might be a toss up cause I will usually choose to buy the cupcake but that might just be because there cheaper and easier to eat while in motion. Anyways back to my original point some cakes just seem creepy and weird or just to much to actually taste any good. I guess sometimes the cake is mainly for looks or whatnot but seriously that is not the point of cake...That is actually the opposite of the point of cake. I would rather a plain looking but delicious cake any day.. Here are some particularily
ridiculous cake pictures:

Monday, November 23, 2009

This is a Tyler story..

This semester I am taking french composition as the last requirement to completing my degree. This is difficult for me because I am used to being fairly good at expressing myself in English in written form and its fairly frustrating not being able to do that as well in french. Anyone who tries to learn a new language I feel your pain. However most of my frustations come from the fact that I used to be much better at french and I just let it go but anyways this is not what I wanted to write about. What I want to write is what I was writing in french but could do much better at in english so here it is: Lying, is it a trap or a necessary evil? I lie literally all the time mainly to accomadate other people. Like when people want to know what I want to do but I don't want to be bossy so I try and make them chose. I'm sure this is a very irrritating quality about myself but I somehow can't get past it. I have good intentions in doing it but at the same time its frustating for both people. Also there are the kind of lies you tell because you don't want to be a bitch like saying you like someones cooking when you don't. Would it really be better to just be honest all the time? Cause sometimes I say stuff and I'm just like wow, that not how I really feel at all and then I have to correct myself which probably seems pretty strange. Or I'm with people and I lie so I fit in better but really thats not who I am at all. I guess this isn't that much easier in english cause I still don't know what I'm trying to get at. I'm sure there is a good life lesson somewhere in there like I need to be more honest with myself or something silly like that.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Its going to be Legend wait for it..and if your lactose intolerant your not going to like it because its dairy....

So my current favorite show is How I met your Mother, possibly the most hilarious show ever invented. I love pretty much everything about it and I like all the characters on it which is actually quite rare for me(except for the time Britney Spears was on it, she literally wreaks everything.) I literally(actually figuratively not to shame my canadian vocab) pee my pants pretty much everytime I watch it. I can't even say I have a favorite character on the show because they all have their most awesome moments. Ted drunk, Robin and her ungirlyness, Lily and her shopping, Marshall and Barney pretty much always. Since perhaps not every reader has watched this show here are some terrific quotes from it. "Aint no ring on my finger" Barney "I brought jello shots, we getting silly bitches"- Super old guy Robin dates. I am to tired to actually look up more quote so those are ones off the top of my head. Perhaps I will think of more later but right now I am going to go back to my comatosed state of watching hours of How I met Your mother.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

things I secretly love..

Well I can't admit to many of the things I secretly love but tonight I re-discovered one of these things I am not that ashamed to admit to, and that is: Clueless. It is a pretty epic movie. I am going to be calling people monets from now on, as in looks ok from far away but is hagsville up close. Much better than like butterface. I feel like I would like to get socially awkward friend and transform them but I suspect I might be that person. Perhaps one of my lovely ladies should take it as a mission to transform me. Another thing I secretly, well maybe semi secretly, love is degrassi old school and next generation. I think I have admitted to this before but they are really like my comfort food of tv. Whenever I'm sad I just watch some degrassi and it makes me feel exponentially more happy. Shoutout to my firend hutchers who I'm pretty sure hasn't seen clueless but I would suspect would really like it- Fact cher the popular girl in this movie gets red and blotchy when she is nervous. I thought of you. LOVE

Monday, November 16, 2009


I love christmas, I truly do. I am not one of those bah humbuggy types that hate everything about the season by any means. I love christmas tree and light and christmas food and candy. I love the time I get to spend with my ridiculous family. I actually even like christmas carols, but frig I like them in their place. I was fine when my place of employement decided to decorate for christmas halfway through october. I was like whatev get in the spirit. However today they started with the christmas carols. And after 4 hours of them I have discovered why cashiers go on murdering rampages. It is simply because after a month and a half of christmas carols they simply snap. Another thing that is ridiculous is the fact that none of the christmas carols they do play have any religious implication. I guess this is so as not to offend anyone but really christmas is a motherfucking religious holiday. If you don't want to offend anyone just don't play the stupid music, cause really when you take out the religious carols you have enough christmas music for about 2 hours. After that you get different variations on the same songs. Thats another thing I friggin hate is vpeople like trying to cool up christmas music. Seriously just give up, its carols they aren't meant to be cool and your stupid variations fucking suck. I'm not sure how I'm going to make it through the christmas season unless I spontaneously go deaf... or pucture my own ear drums...which is seeming like a legitemate option right now..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

sometime I break things and other events from my weekend..

So I went to this party this weekend where I only knew the person I had gone with... and I proceeded to knock over not just one thing but two things..I knocked over a vase and broke a wine glass.But other than that I had probably one of my most fun nights out this semester, I think because we just stayed at the party instead of going to the bar which is not really my thing right now.I am super excited for next weekend because its going to be my first weekend this semester that I'm in town and not working friday or saturday. So it should be lots of fun. I've been thinking alot about what I'm going to be doing next semester because I will be finished with all the credits I need for my degree. Here are my options as I see them:

1.Keep going to school and working

2.Work at Kent(This may make me kill myself if I just do that)

3. Get a different Job here

4. Go home and live there for a bit

5. Go somewhere else and have an adventure

If anyone has any good ideas for adventures let me know. Also let me know if you have any idea what I should do with my life in generally cause I'm not really sure about that either..

Thursday, November 12, 2009


"Are you not like other girls because of all the chocolate behind your ears?" That is specifically why I am not like other girl.. keep that in mind.. anyways I thought this was friggin hilarious. Enjoy!

Every feel like laying down on the ground and just staying there? Until something worthwhile makes you get up? I do.. but I'm lucky enough that something always make it impossible to stay there..

Monday, November 9, 2009

I love my degree..

I happen to be a world literature and cultural studies major and an English minor. Therefore I get to take classes that I find incredibly amusing like film genre zombies and international horror. Even my more serious classes like medieval literature have their fun moments, like we get to watch monty python and the holy grail. I occasionally get shit from people about what I am in fact going to do with my degree when I am finished since I am taking apparently ridiculous things. However I am learning lots of creative thinking and problem solving and mainly how to bullshit my way out of any possible situation. All things which I think are incredibly important. Today I am not concerned with what I'm going to do with my degree but simply that I love it and I'm happy if anything that I got to speand 4 years reading books and learning about things I care about. The main reason I got on this train of thought is this: which is quite hilarious.

Friday, November 6, 2009

This is what my busy life has come to..

DRINKING ALONE!! This isn't as extreme as it sounds. I am going to get on the bus in about 30 minutes and meet up with my friends who are currently on a pubcrawl, which if I was not employed I would be currently getting kicked off of(Hopefully not but I would be on it nevertheless). Anyways not to make anyone worry, I simply needed to do something that would make me feel less ridiculous because drinking alone in a pubcrawl shirt is the epitome of sad and pathetic, as going on the bus alone to the bars. WOW I just realized how sad that actually is going to be. Hopefully some fun times will ensue to make up for this initial terribleness.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The ultimate face..

In pictures I am a horrible facemaker..there is much pictorial evidence of this. The only time I seem to be able to make a nice face is if I am incredibly drunk and have forgotten to make faces in pictures. Even my face in pictures where I am attempting to look nice its come out looking awkward or forced and at times incredibly terrifying. I've come to terms with this phenomena of my face that seems to happen when cameras are present and I accept the millions of pictures on facebook where I look ridiculousI guess that kind of to specific of a statements because I actually apparently make faces quite a bit of the time. I guess my face is expressive which at least the muscles in my face will always be well toned. What got me on this train of thought is one picture from Halloween which epitomizes my face making habits. I'm not sure if I noticed the picture was being taken or not but regardless this picture is epic.

I am a pumpkin by the way... Specifically I was supposed to be the Slutty Pumpkin from How I met Your Mother but that fact seemed to be lost on most people. Also apparently compared to many bar ho types my costume was not very slutty and in fact got refered to as "adorable" several times. Not what I was going for.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

nostalgic music..

I like to think I'm not that nostalgic of a person but I definatly have my moments. And I find music is one of those things that instantly can transport you back to a certain moment or feeling and that is not always something that is necessary to remain sane on a given day. Today my ex(who I am attempting to be friends with, on a semi sucessful basis) reminded me about a song I used to love but literally haven't heard in like 5 years. This song is King of Carrot Flowers pt 1 by Neutral Milk Hotel. So when I got home today I listened to this song which just brought back a bunch of different emotions...mainly nostalgia though.. This song reminds me of alot of things in my life both good and bad but its just interesting to think how one little thing like that can bring back so much all at once. Anyways to counter balance these odd feelings that were making me sad I listened to this song, which is my new happy song.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My room is a giant explosion of halloween..

Turns out drunk Robyn likes to rampage through my nice clean room and throw shit around.. So my room is once again chaos embodied, which makes me feel like my life is kind of like chaos embodied. All in Halloween weekend was lots of fun but not as much as I wanted it to be. But on reflecting on past Halloweens I usually do have fun but also with a bit non funness as well. Anyways I don't really have much to say and degrassi tng is on so I'm going to end with first a shout out to my Big Sis in PEI who apparently reads my blog everyday as well..Love you and Miss you! Also a shout out to Hutch and her silliness "Its rude to the tub"