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Thursday, November 19, 2009

things I secretly love..

Well I can't admit to many of the things I secretly love but tonight I re-discovered one of these things I am not that ashamed to admit to, and that is: Clueless. It is a pretty epic movie. I am going to be calling people monets from now on, as in looks ok from far away but is hagsville up close. Much better than like butterface. I feel like I would like to get socially awkward friend and transform them but I suspect I might be that person. Perhaps one of my lovely ladies should take it as a mission to transform me. Another thing I secretly, well maybe semi secretly, love is degrassi old school and next generation. I think I have admitted to this before but they are really like my comfort food of tv. Whenever I'm sad I just watch some degrassi and it makes me feel exponentially more happy. Shoutout to my firend hutchers who I'm pretty sure hasn't seen clueless but I would suspect would really like it- Fact cher the popular girl in this movie gets red and blotchy when she is nervous. I thought of you. LOVE

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  1. i love that movie. not to mention i am in it...Ty Fraser aka brittany murphy

    also the secret word that just came up was 'mones'.