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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The ultimate face..

In pictures I am a horrible facemaker..there is much pictorial evidence of this. The only time I seem to be able to make a nice face is if I am incredibly drunk and have forgotten to make faces in pictures. Even my face in pictures where I am attempting to look nice its come out looking awkward or forced and at times incredibly terrifying. I've come to terms with this phenomena of my face that seems to happen when cameras are present and I accept the millions of pictures on facebook where I look ridiculousI guess that kind of to specific of a statements because I actually apparently make faces quite a bit of the time. I guess my face is expressive which at least the muscles in my face will always be well toned. What got me on this train of thought is one picture from Halloween which epitomizes my face making habits. I'm not sure if I noticed the picture was being taken or not but regardless this picture is epic.

I am a pumpkin by the way... Specifically I was supposed to be the Slutty Pumpkin from How I met Your Mother but that fact seemed to be lost on most people. Also apparently compared to many bar ho types my costume was not very slutty and in fact got refered to as "adorable" several times. Not what I was going for.


  1. Next time I think you look adorable I wll say slutty instead, will that make you feel better?

  2. Baaaaahahahhaha im glad you got as much enjoyment out of this as i did posting it

  3. hahahahahahahaha, best cousin ever, you are, yes.
    i have an epic face picture of you too, would you like me to post it in mine for you...because it's the only picture in the world that makes me laugh that hard. and the best part. i'm laughing even harder in the picture and you're just makin the face. face girl.
    slutty pumpkin. hilarious.
    next year i'm going as slutty ghost buster...or....silent hill zombie nurse thing.