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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Its going to be Legend wait for it..and if your lactose intolerant your not going to like it because its dairy....

So my current favorite show is How I met your Mother, possibly the most hilarious show ever invented. I love pretty much everything about it and I like all the characters on it which is actually quite rare for me(except for the time Britney Spears was on it, she literally wreaks everything.) I literally(actually figuratively not to shame my canadian vocab) pee my pants pretty much everytime I watch it. I can't even say I have a favorite character on the show because they all have their most awesome moments. Ted drunk, Robin and her ungirlyness, Lily and her shopping, Marshall and Barney pretty much always. Since perhaps not every reader has watched this show here are some terrific quotes from it. "Aint no ring on my finger" Barney "I brought jello shots, we getting silly bitches"- Super old guy Robin dates. I am to tired to actually look up more quote so those are ones off the top of my head. Perhaps I will think of more later but right now I am going to go back to my comatosed state of watching hours of How I met Your mother.


    i celebrated gooood this year.

  2. as soon as i read the title i knew what this post was going to be about

  3. "NOT GOOD ENOUGH" *whip cracks*

    ^^^ Also a good quote