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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Canadian Weather

I've lived in Canada my entire life so I should know better. But every so often I ignore what the weather network has to say, and I dress how I feel should be appropriate judging from the previous days of the week. Today was one of those days. Although it said it was 2 degrees Celsius and rainy, I wisely decided I would be okay in a hoodie and my rain jacket which provides as much warmth as a paper bag. And then I got to stand outside filming for like 3 hours. The filming was fun minus the bone chilling cold I was experiencing. The next worst time for cold filming I've experienced was in minus 20 degree weather, when I decided to wear my fashionable boots instead of my warm boots. I came home and stood in the shower for like a half hour and then cranked the heat in my room.I just want it to be summer. SO. BAD. Also my class now has a youtube channel so everyone should subscribe to it: