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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Apparently Twitter is an important tool for budding Journalists. I caved and got it after one of my Profs became outraged that I did not have it. Twitter is apparently a good way to find out breaking news..who would have thought?(this is actually sarcasm, we talk ALOT about social media at school) Anyways if anyone is on twitter or has sweet suggestions of who to follow on twitter let me know. I am following Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen.. the important people really.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


First off shoutout to Gwen at She is one of my fav single lady bloggers, when the blog world often seems dominated by woman in couples! Yuck couples

On a different note in two weeks I will be finished my first semester of Grad school! Its going to be quite busy in the next couple of weeks which is nice and distracting. Hopefully it will go by super fast. I know everyone has been making list of things they want to do in the summer but I hate list that have the potential to make me feel unaccomplished. However here are something I want to do when I'm at home:
-Go drinking with my ladies!
-Go to my fav place: Zees (haha)
- Eat some delicious greek food/coffee and friends
- eat ALOT of bbq
- Go swimming!
-Visit PEI
- Watch a season of something with my Little Sis!
- Hang out with my Ma
- Go swimming some more (and try not to get much more tanned)

Those are the main things although there is definitely room for suggestions. I basically can't wait! This semester has been hard but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Saw this over at The Triumphs and Blunders of a Kooky Girl : and I have been listening to it ever since. LOVE!

I'm going to update soon with some of the crappy news casts I've been making.. Soon.. I kind of promise.. as long as I figure out how to get them onto my computer haha.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Pics From this Weekend(In Random order)

Brian with the deep fried mars bar(less excited than others will be) Bethany and Brian post Mars Bar

Great Lake Swimmers
(Amazing! Check out Your Rocky Spine or Changing Colours)

Ian's Brother Sam..I find him quite good looking..

Being Super Excited before the Great Lake Swimmers

Fancy Restaurant where the wait staff sang!!They were singing a whole new world because Ian requested it.

Bethany and I at the fancy restaurant.

Bethany excited for the deep fried mars bar.

Me SUPER excited for the mars may not have been that delicious.

At the GLS.

Me and Alex are SUPER excited to be at Home County(the festival) Rui seems embarrased to be around such foolish people.

Once again. SUPER excited.

At the fancy supper. Not sure why I look so pissed haha.
Anyways that was pretty much my weekend. Sunday I literally slept all day minus a quick sleep break when I got groceries.

Monday, July 12, 2010

My saddest Electronic moment(to date..please don't die Lappy!)

So my 2nd generation 4 year old ipod nano has officially died. Which is really sad for me because I had a ton of music on it that I only had on it and not my computer. Many a song on it was stolen from other computers. How I loved that tiny music player. I had been resisting getting a new one first because it still worked. And because I knew it would suck to get the music off. But in retrospect it might have been a good idea to have made a list or something of songs.

It no longer lights up and my computer tells me it can't recognize it at this time. So I think its gone for good. I feel like I should do something symbolic with it but I am definitely going to just keep it in case it decides to work again. RIP Ipod(I never named it..strange..)Many a good time with you. Parties were supplied music, drives were made more fun/ at least bearable, you made me feel better when I was down and accomadated many a dance party. Without you I would have never exercised and many a walk wouldn't have been taken. I loved you more than any of my other electronics as you never let me down.

Mine is about a thousand times more scratched up and has a blue tinge from the blue food coloring in my backpack.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

In my life I have had 3 sunburns. I generally don't wear sunscreen (bad I know) but its because I pretty much never burn. I worked outside for like 3 summers and it always worked out fine.

The first sunburn I got was when I was 19. I went canoeing on an incredibly hot day for like 8 hours without sunscreen. It was pretty much impossible for me not to burn.

The 2nd time I burned was from a tanning bed. I'd over estimated how long I could stay in.

And my 3rd sunburn happened yesterday. I went to a beach on Lake Huron with some people from class, which was suprisingly nice. I love the beach so the day was super fun. But now I am ridiculously burnt pretty much everywhere.

Sunburns suck. I hope it turns into a tan pretty friggin quick.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Don't be like me.

So I feel the need to have a Tyler F post and explain what has been going on in detail. Cause I need help. My awkwardness is taking over.

Ok... Delaney you might want to skip this one..since we already talked about this one..Go listen to the song I left on your fb wall.

So last week, june 30 I went out with the class drinking because I was feeling antsy because I was flying home the next day. This also made me braver than I normally would be I believe. So we gathered at one of out house and an unprecedented number of people came out(like 15 of the 31 plus some significant others).

Anyways so remember how I said I had a crush in my class. Well he was there. At first we weren't really hanging out but once we got to the bar we were sitting beside each other in the booth so we talked. Alot. About ridiculous things. From Harry Potter to this girl who was text who he knew wasn't the one apparently. All of this just made me like him more. I don't remember everything we currently talked about but we had alot of things in common.

Anyways during this time I was drinking. And somehow that turned into me drinking alot.And being quite drunk. Things get hazy at this point.
Eventually we leave the bar and go and get fries somewhere. There are like 3 boys and me that I recall there. I get water which was probably a smart choice.

I somehow end up walking home with my crush and another guy in my class. I don't know why. I don't live anywhere near either of them. We have my crush's bike.
For some reason I decide to drive the bike. I almost immediately fall off of it because it is probably a foot too tall for me.
My crush then piggy backs me for a bit. I believe the friend is biking around at this point.
We end up kissing.
And then we go to the friends house.
We continue to make out and such while the friend sleeps in the same room because its a one bedroom bachelor.(This is especially shameful to me)
We have ridiculously deep conversation about our life goals, family, god and such.
I then realize its like 6 and I should go catch my plane.
I walk directly into a screen door, bounce back off of it then make my ungraceful exit.
I think go home for 4 days. This was wonderful, plenty of time to avoid.
But now I'm back in class. He is in all of them. The friend is not but is in about half.I'm not sure home much he knows. and I am very unsuccessfully trying not to be awkward.
We have talked but definitely not about these events, Delaney convinced me avoidance was not the way to go(cause I take love advice from my 15 year old sister). I am apparently acting as I did before.


Sunday, July 4, 2010

I may have done something ridiculous while drinking with the class on wednesday.. that combined with being on way too many planes today makes me not want to go to school tommorow..I probably should have just stayed in the maritimes.