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Monday, July 19, 2010

Pics From this Weekend(In Random order)

Brian with the deep fried mars bar(less excited than others will be) Bethany and Brian post Mars Bar

Great Lake Swimmers
(Amazing! Check out Your Rocky Spine or Changing Colours)

Ian's Brother Sam..I find him quite good looking..

Being Super Excited before the Great Lake Swimmers

Fancy Restaurant where the wait staff sang!!They were singing a whole new world because Ian requested it.

Bethany and I at the fancy restaurant.

Bethany excited for the deep fried mars bar.

Me SUPER excited for the mars may not have been that delicious.

At the GLS.

Me and Alex are SUPER excited to be at Home County(the festival) Rui seems embarrased to be around such foolish people.

Once again. SUPER excited.

At the fancy supper. Not sure why I look so pissed haha.
Anyways that was pretty much my weekend. Sunday I literally slept all day minus a quick sleep break when I got groceries.


  1. does alex have one slightly lazier eye? or is that just the pictures?
    plus also ians brother sam is muche better looking then any of the other boys there and i feel like thats not a particularly good picture of him :P
    i assume he is who you thought i would find hot

  2. I think its just the pictures with alex..and yes sam is probably one of the hottest boys I have met in real life..

  3. hahahahaha i love this!!! who ARE these people?! your new friends..? classmates?

    ps your expressions are amazing and really make me miss you

  4. these are mainly my classmates/friends? haha.. and basically all the supa cool peeps you would meet should you come and visit? I miss you too!!