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Sunday, July 11, 2010

In my life I have had 3 sunburns. I generally don't wear sunscreen (bad I know) but its because I pretty much never burn. I worked outside for like 3 summers and it always worked out fine.

The first sunburn I got was when I was 19. I went canoeing on an incredibly hot day for like 8 hours without sunscreen. It was pretty much impossible for me not to burn.

The 2nd time I burned was from a tanning bed. I'd over estimated how long I could stay in.

And my 3rd sunburn happened yesterday. I went to a beach on Lake Huron with some people from class, which was suprisingly nice. I love the beach so the day was super fun. But now I am ridiculously burnt pretty much everywhere.

Sunburns suck. I hope it turns into a tan pretty friggin quick.

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