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Thursday, July 29, 2010


First off shoutout to Gwen at She is one of my fav single lady bloggers, when the blog world often seems dominated by woman in couples! Yuck couples

On a different note in two weeks I will be finished my first semester of Grad school! Its going to be quite busy in the next couple of weeks which is nice and distracting. Hopefully it will go by super fast. I know everyone has been making list of things they want to do in the summer but I hate list that have the potential to make me feel unaccomplished. However here are something I want to do when I'm at home:
-Go drinking with my ladies!
-Go to my fav place: Zees (haha)
- Eat some delicious greek food/coffee and friends
- eat ALOT of bbq
- Go swimming!
-Visit PEI
- Watch a season of something with my Little Sis!
- Hang out with my Ma
- Go swimming some more (and try not to get much more tanned)

Those are the main things although there is definitely room for suggestions. I basically can't wait! This semester has been hard but I'm sure it will all be worth it in the end.


    w00p w00000p first semester down :D

    whats your favorite greek food?
    i havent really tried it yet i want to though :/

  2. Totally in for the greek food. Hollaaaa!

  3. Gwen- I always get the exact same thing when I get greek food. But its delicious- Chicken souvalki, greek salad, pita w/tzatziki and greek potatoes. I've also had some kind of flaming goat cheese as well..I'm sure they have all kinds of good fish/meatless options tho- I would def check some out.

    M- Sounds good..and you should also come out drinking!