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Monday, July 12, 2010

My saddest Electronic moment(to date..please don't die Lappy!)

So my 2nd generation 4 year old ipod nano has officially died. Which is really sad for me because I had a ton of music on it that I only had on it and not my computer. Many a song on it was stolen from other computers. How I loved that tiny music player. I had been resisting getting a new one first because it still worked. And because I knew it would suck to get the music off. But in retrospect it might have been a good idea to have made a list or something of songs.

It no longer lights up and my computer tells me it can't recognize it at this time. So I think its gone for good. I feel like I should do something symbolic with it but I am definitely going to just keep it in case it decides to work again. RIP Ipod(I never named it..strange..)Many a good time with you. Parties were supplied music, drives were made more fun/ at least bearable, you made me feel better when I was down and accomadated many a dance party. Without you I would have never exercised and many a walk wouldn't have been taken. I loved you more than any of my other electronics as you never let me down.

Mine is about a thousand times more scratched up and has a blue tinge from the blue food coloring in my backpack.


  1. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! My iTouch is like my child. I would be heartbroken if it died.

  2. fortunatly love muffins bought herself an ipod touch to replace it, also i noticed you forgot 'love muffins' in the list of nicknames you've had

  3.'re special. I miss you. :(