My attempt to come to terms with the ridiculousness of my life..

Monday, September 15, 2014


So things have been going pretty well for me. I got both jobs that I had interviews for. Unfortunately the job I initially took, in a store that sells medical scrubs, is hella boring. Like face melting boring. And I'm used to boring retail jobs. I'm unsure if I'm just at the point in my life where i no longer want to retail or if it is actually as boring as I think it is. Its hard to complain cause like money but like also there is literally nothing to do but stand there by myself. And I'm not allowed to read or anything. I feel silly but I dread it every day. So I'm still looking for another job. And I might just go work at the other place which is a call center that the training class doesn't start until the 30th. But I'm already dreading having to quit another job, as I really had to psych myself up for it last time, and I felt terrible about it. So I'm not living in poverty which is good, but also I need to keep working towards a better job.
 I've been spending a lot of time with my older sister, which is really nice. We've been knitting every Sunday and we are going to start going to yoga on Monday nights. I'm making slippers, and will possibly post pictures when I'm done. I also got to see a couple of my cousins other than the one I live with which is also nice. I have the best family.
My most exciting news is I can put may hair in a really pathetic ponytail now, and it makes me really happy. I also hard a story of weird coincidences but its long so I think I'm going to save it for a later date. So basically things are ok. I'm still settling in, and getting used to things. I miss Fredericton but I think all in all I'm going to be happy about my decision to move eventually.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Coming home is hard. Mainly because I'm leaving a place behind that I also consider home. I'm super sensitive currently, case and point I cried on public transit today. For no real reason except that my Mom told me I was going to have to put in an effort, which is something I know. But I had just had an interview, which I find stressful, although I'm pretty much sure I got the job. And I have another interview tomorrow a bit closer to my new apartment. Which are both good but stressful things. I just want to get into a new routine, have a job so I don't have to worry about not paying bill and get on with actually living in a new place rather than just being on the edge of living here, if that makes any sense. I'm actually pretty sure it didn't make much sense but my basic point is I'm not really okay today, but that's alright too because I probably eventually will be.