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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I wonder..

Do you think the cakes on cake boss are actually delicious? Cause they look cool and all but sometimes it seems like there would be way to much icing or that things wouldn't taste good.. Like when they make stuff out of rice crispies and then cover them with icing..doesn't seem like it would taste good at all. I generally love cake, really all cake but sometimes it seems a bit much. My favorite cake is cheesecake(in every manifestation..except maybe with bananas or lemons cause I don't really like those but in cheesecake its hard to tell) closely followed by the red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese icing from the market. It actually might be a toss up cause I will usually choose to buy the cupcake but that might just be because there cheaper and easier to eat while in motion. Anyways back to my original point some cakes just seem creepy and weird or just to much to actually taste any good. I guess sometimes the cake is mainly for looks or whatnot but seriously that is not the point of cake...That is actually the opposite of the point of cake. I would rather a plain looking but delicious cake any day.. Here are some particularily
ridiculous cake pictures:


  1. aahhh the baby cake is you watched the cake boss marathon on tv last night didnt you