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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Miss you..

So I made it to my new university town relatively unscathed. And it turns out the people I am living with seem very nice, and don't seem to want to kill me and harvest my organs, which I was starting to believe was a possibility. Also the house is really nice and in a really nice neighbourhood with a huge back yard and deck. Which is going to be nice in the summer. Also my landlady took me to buy groceries so I wouldn't have to walk and invited me to come swimming in her pool this summer. Which is all very nice. I just hope my program turns out to be just as pleasant.

However I miss being someplace where people know me and I'm sort of sad I couldn't bring more of my stuff with me(Flying limited the not clothes related space. Also as a sidenote I have a frigging lot of clothes. Its almost ridiculous). I miss home as well and all my lovely friends that no longer cause me to be extremely awkward.

I'm optimistic now that things are going to turn out ok, if the house is any indication of what is to come. I'm also optimistically hoping some of the people who know me will decide to make a trip this way soon haha(this is only half a joke. I'm lonely)

On a different note I flew in the sketchiest plane ever in the connecting flight from Toronto. There were 6 people on this plane 8 if you count the stewardess and the captain. There was not any oxygen mask things that fall from the ceiling and instead of having like jackets(like the crappy inflating ones, the instructions were to hold on the the seat cushions to float if the plane was to crash. Now I'm a pretty good swimmer so I might have survived this crash but frig any none swimmer would be fucked I'm almost positive. How are you supposed to grab the seat cushion your sitting on as a plane is crashing? This rant is probably a product of too much lost.


  1. haha oh dear god i miss you. yay for nice roomates and a decent place to sleep at night. DONT TALK ABOUT SHOTY PLANES!!! BAAAH Terrifying. post some pics dude.

  2. I am happy that your organs are not going to be taken and that you have a nice landlady! Love you!

  3. I am glad you survived the flight on Second Class Air. That sounds terrifying! I definitely would've drowned :(

    But I'm glad you made it. I told you that your roommates wouldn't be murderers.

    Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta.