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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today's goal: Be Braver

So after a relatively optimistic start to the day yesterday I tried to nap in the afternoon, which led me to completely chickening out about meeting the rest of my roommates. I literally stayed in my room from like 2 till 12ish because I was too afraid to go out, because they would think I was weird for being in my room so long. I just get generally nervous about these things. I also started to feel irrationally homesick, which staying in my room probably didn't help. I also had very little in the way of resources so I was hungry/thirsty for alot of it. But today I'm going to do better. Mainly so I don't starve in here. Plus I want to figure out where campus is in relationship to my house and figure out some stuff for my student loan. All things requiring to go against my non confronting of my fears/ shyness approach that I generally use. Tpain- I only have my blackberry but I have taken some pictures with it. As sooon as I figure out how to get them onto my computer I will post them.Also I am sure you will never have to be on a plane such as that one. It probably only goes to here.Plus you know how to swim so it would be ok. Tmo- I hope your move is going well as well. You should blog about it soon! And B-A real gangta-ass nigga knows the play. To Everyone: Miss you!

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