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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Oh Dear..

So those of you who remember the dogtags situation here is an update, mainly cause I have no idea what to do about it. Basically after the last time I posted about him I made a vow to myself that I would just stop talking to him(my vows to myself can be taken really seriously or not depending on how I feel about the situation. But this one I stayed pretty stubborn about). And he messaged me a bunch of times with his classic line hey. And then he stopped after about like 10 days of him messaging me everyday and me not answering(which I realize is pretty passive but I figured he'd get the hint) Then all of february he was gone to the olympics(with the military, not for like a sport of anything) so I guess he stopped. But last night apparently he got back and message me once again with his classic line hey and I did not respond. But then today he sent me this one which caused me to go on this rant:I can understand if ur angry. but just txt me and say that u r. So now I feel all guilty like I should respond. I also want to know why he thinks I have a reason to be angry because I wasn't at all. I was actually just tired of putting any effort into a situation I cared little about. Which is maybe harsher now that I just threw that out there like that. I am mean. Any thoughts?

So instead of texting Dogtags last night I went and drank with my film buddies. Script writing turned into drinking because its march break and we can I guess. But it was lots of fun. And because I said I would here is my quote of the night "How did we get inside my ass" which actually sounds a million times worse than it is. Maybe I will leave the story a mystery until my next post....create some suspense. But really I don't know if I want that kind of suspense haha. So it was said during script writing(once the drinking had begun) and they were saying that the location would be my ass. And thats when I uttered those words that were a great opening for many dirty jokes. Apparently I naively say things all the time that can be turned into something dirty or thats what she said jokes.But all in all they are a pretty fun buch of people. Although they made fun of my sweater. and my tights/Jeans. and alot of other things. Maybe they are actually a bunch of jerks. Haha.

Anyways This post is turning out to be long. This is what happens when Jojo is not home at night I have no one to talk to.Except the cat. Who is not helpful about my problems. And doesn't really appreciate dirty jokes.


  1. Hiiiii :) This made me laugh, as for dogtags, you might at least give him a conversation, you owe him a little something. why is he a no again?

  2. ahhhh. that has happened to me before, the EXACT same thing, but basically he just started ripping off angry texts at me cuz i would never answer his "hey whats up" texts. then like a week later he started up with the "hey whats up" texts again. still happens sometimes...

    i dunno rob rob, every situation is different. only text him if you want to you owe him nothing.

  3. if you're not angry just tired of him, tell him. it'll be harsh but sometimes you need to be to get the point across. sometimes you need to just tell someone "i'm not interested in you that much." it usually works unless they're retardedly stupid.

  4. i WISH more people said that, it would make things so much easier.