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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My life hurts

Drinking on a sunday was maybe not the best plan. Also someone happened to drop me then fall on top of me so my bones hurt. And to convince me to sing kareoke I was forced to drink many doubles. My bones hurt, my skin hurts.

On a more annoying note my laptop cord is being super stupid and only working like half the time. The power cord that is. I have to hold it at really awkward angles to make it work. I just had it replaced in like may or june last year so I don't know how I am so frigging hard them that they have to keep breaking.

I got my pictures back from the photoshoot that was done at the Moulin Rouge Bachelorette. Many of them are quite awkward and terrible but some turned out nice. Here is one of my favorites. Pretty sure the photographer was a genius to be able to catch me looking nice. Here is my favorite:

I would put up one of the awkward ones to contrast but really I think there are enough awkward pictures of me out there in the world.


  1. Omg! Love it!!! <3 You are so beautiful RoRo.
    (not that you are in pain, the picture) He he he!

  2. i love this. you look scary good.

  3. Dropped you? Hmm. Sorry. :P