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Monday, March 29, 2010

Some funny Stuff.

A video I was involved with making for class (I am the star ps)

Some Pretty Hilarious friends of mine. This is their contribution from the 48 Hour Film Festival (Happy B?)

Another video made by some of my friend for the 48 hour film fest. They are also funny.

Also for everyone who was worried I have found my ipod cord. No thanks to Jo but maybe a bit to Tmo for at least bringing it back to the house.(Although she was definatly involved with hiding it afterwards)


  1. ahh your first video made me cringe around the one minute mark because he just threw the toast on the counter without a plate...or a cutting board or a piece of paper towel. i'm neurotic about toast crumbs.
    and ps. you're silly :) funny video!

  2. friggin hilarious. sweet shorts brendon.