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Monday, February 22, 2010

My 99th Post..

So I am one post away from 100 which I think is pretty exciting. Or really sad depending on how you want to look at it. But I don't really have anything interesting to write about... TMO you may find this interesting.. so you know how a certain person wrote on my fb wall yesterday about his shirt? I wrote back yesterday..and now its gone. For everyone else I guess here is the story: I was seeing this guy, and he left a shirt at a my house. He now has a girlfriend but wrote on my wall asking if I still had his shirt. I wrote back this: I do still have your shirt, we will have to trade back sometime..(cause he has my fake dad's shirt) So my thing is why write that on my wall if you don't want me to write back? I assume its because of his girlfriend but really.. its not like I didn't just answer his question. Weird.

Anyways I am going home wednesday to get my wisdom teeth out thursday. And I have lots of homework to do tommorow so it probably will be a couple days before I write anything else. Unless something super interesting happens because I feel like my 100th post should be epic! Perhaps I will write it when I am nice and drugged up.haha


  1. maybe he wanted you to send him a message? he sounds dumb cuz he posted it on your wall instead of a message. stupid fb.
    have fun with the teeth, they'll drug you up real good but probably only give you T3 with codeine, which isn't as awesome as valium.

  2. Bahahahha, what a dummy. You should just keep writing back on his wall, pretend to think it just isn't sending. :P

  3. HAHAH i found this interesting! laaame.