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Monday, February 8, 2010

"This is my house, I have to defend it"

I am home alone once again..but this time I have it rigged defensively against murderes..Probably anyways. For some reason, once I am home alone I always feel the need to watch things that might scare me. This time it was dexter. Because he can get into anywhere. That got me thinking about home alone and setting some kind of noise making defense up so that if someone did come in it would get knocked over and I could escape out my balcony or something. But thats a bad idea really cause the cat would probably know it over, or I would forget and knock it over myself and then annoy the neighbours.That would give the murdering neighbors incentive to come after me, which currently probably isn't that that high.

Well I guess I should get off the planning strategy for what I should do in case of my house being broken into. I am going to think about happy things, like the not so clever robbers from Home alone(which is where I got the title)They also were not the murdering type. Really if a robber was not going to murder or rape me I would just give them everything in the apartment. I would even help them carry it out. Not that jo and willis would be happy but I would be happy to be alive, which I think is probably more important.

Well since I clearly can't think of anything else, I am going to watch something so that I have happy thoughts before sleeping. I'm thinking some How I met your mother or degrassi the next generation.Later


  1. my strategy is to just hide in my walk in closet behind a rubbermaid box that is double my size (i moved my clothes in it, it's huge) and lock the closet door with it's keys (yep, it has keys) from the inside and mellow out there until the next morning when nate gets home. i really do this when he's in the field too. he thinks i'm weird.

  2. I think you are brilliant. lol
    & Robyn, please don't watch scary things before bed. Also, the only time you thought there was a murderer it was me. I think you are safe. :)

  3. hey at least I don't hide IN the rubbermaid box anymore...nathan wouldn't let me drill panic room holes in it so i could breathe, but he doesn't get scared of noises in the night...or movies like Paranormal Activity.
    Please for the love of the gods, do not watch it alone, before bed or ever. It's the scariest movie since sliced bread. Trust me, I'm pretend family. or real, is step-ness real?