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Friday, February 12, 2010

Fill in the Blank Fridays...cause I LOVE filling things out.

1.I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes, Some lovely quiet time at switchboard. Cause I work. and because I am so alone in the world..hahaMe and the cat are going to rock out.

2.My biggest Guilty pleasure is, Taylor Swift. Don't judge me. Although I have ranted about hating her, I somehow started to love her music. And it shames me.

3.I am most proud of, My ability to overcome my shyness. I know this is hard for some to believe but I it used to be killer.

4.If I could chose an oufit to live in it would be, Something comfortable I guess. Cause I assume I also have to sleep in it? So like tights and a hoodie and my long socks.

5.People are, necessary. No man is an island.

6.I would rather, be at home right now than be at school.

7.I love school more than toast but less than a staple gun.


  1. 7.I love school more than toast but less than a staple gun.

    I fell over laughing.

  2. i'm an island. i just have tourists.

  3. as much as i'm not a fan of taylor swift, i find myself singing her songs when they come on the radio :)

  4. TAYLOR SWIFT IS DA BOMB. that is all.

  5. Taylor swift is a douche..however her songs are quite catchy..

  6. ha! your #7 made me laugh.

    glad you joined in!

    hope you had a lovely v-day!