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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day One:My favorite Song

I know I am just starting off with this list thingy and I shouldn't complain yet but heres the thing..I have a million favorite songs. It really depends on my mood. I also forget about song and then remember them and love them again. Or I will listen to a song too much and then hate it for awhile. So to gain some insight I decided to look at my ipod for my most played song. And the winner in that respect is Set fire to the third Bar by Snow Patrol Ft Martha Wainwright(I liked it way before it was on the commercial for the dear john movie. It was actually my ringtone for about 2 years ending in like november.) Although I do love this song and could probably get away with saying it is my favorite it now feels semi tainted cause it was on the commercial and I once again look like I am bandwagon jumping. So here are some other honorable mentions- The Recluse by Cursive- I've liked this since high school so it should be considered among my favorites. The littlest Birds- Be good Tanyas- This song usually makes me feel happy no matter what. Perfect Disguise by Modest Mouse- I thought I would include a song by them because they are undoubtedly my favorite band. The rest of my favorite songs are kind of isolated from anything else they singers sing aka I don't like it or have never tried listening to it. And Finally my current favorite song is either Inside of Love by Nada Surf or The Engine Driver by the decemberists because when either of them come on my ipod I don't skip them and always listen to them no matter my mood. Well this is much longer than expected but I get conflicted about music. and most things. This list thing might not go well cause I hate picking favorites. We will see I guess.


  1. Robyn! It's me! Commenting on your blog! Yup. Bam!


    PS: I also enjoy Modest Mouse.

  2. why do you build me up, (build me up) buttercup baby just to let me down (let me down) and blah blah bli get the drift.

    haha i also should have mentioned I'm on a boat!

  3. You definately should have. Build me up buttercup is definatly one of my favs for yelling loudly but I was thinking of more just with myself quietly listening songs haha..

  4. You like so many bands I do not know of. We should hang out more.

  5. i forgot to say this on msn
    but can you send me a cursive song or two
    i can't find my cursive cds (i think dumbass got them when i broke up and moved out of the old apartment) and i had the yen to hear tim kasher's lovely voice :(