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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Random Thoughts

So no particularily big and exciting event has happened in my life recently so I figured I'd write about all the small and silly things that have happened instead.

1. The is a place called Roby in Texas. Roby is the "official"name on my drivers license(my learners),which is a typo cause my name is clearly robyn. If you want the full story go to my very first blog and that explains everything. But I was intrigued when I learned there is a place called Roby because I could develope an interesting back story to go with my fake name. Like perhaps thats where I was conceived and therefore my parents named me that retarded almost robyn name. The flaw with this and trying to use the license as id is that you can clearly see I signed robyn not roby but its a plan anyways.

2. French has this habit of making me forget every word ever. Not just french words but English words. Suddenly I'm trying to think of french words and I forget everything instead. I actually think this might be a helpful strategy cause if I could just forget everything and relearn it I might be better off you never know. I actually got a ok mark on my last french assignment a 64% which doesn't sound good but I normally am in the 55-57 range. I think my prof just feels bad for me tho cause I'm taking the class again.

3.I had a super weird dream where I was on a date with the creepy guy in my film class. We were at the movies(which is always the same weird theater I have never been too when I dream) and her was definatly invading my personal space and whatnot so I went and helped a small asian child find his grandparents as an excuse to get away from him.It was weird. I also dreamed there were new people working at my hardware store and that I had to climb a rickety ladder for their benefit. Also the computer at tool corral was all weird and different. I have like 3 other dreams I rememeber from last night which I think means I wasn't sleeping soundly enough. Cause thats when you remember dreams right?I don't really know but thats true from my experience.

I feel like I should end at 3 cause I'm not sure I could get a 5th and I don't like to end things on 4. I would like to mentioned I had a lovely visit from T-Mo(who is going to be the next to get blog policed haha)and Nicole(who I have to think of a good blog name for. Perhaps Mrs. Sage. Tmo you will have to show her this and see if she approves)yester day, which was nice.I mainly wanted to mention it so that tmo will write in her blog. I miss it. So sad. Anyways I would also like to mention that my ipod is driving me nuts so whenever anyone has any new music that they think I would like comment. Maybe I will write a nice blog about you. This is going much longer than normal cause I am bored waiting to go to class. and I am therefore rambling. But I guess I will go. Happy Hump day!(remember when that was super funny in like junior high..cause I said hump..haha)


  1. if you went on msn more than once a fucking year, i'd send you music : (

  2. haha I love the thing you said about french making you forget everything because it happens to me ALL the time!

  3. Nicole does not approve! She is independant. :)