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Monday, February 8, 2010

My Friend Kasie aka The Feral Cat

So because I was bored and sleepy, and incoherent I made up a contest in which I would devote a blog post to the winner. And the winner was Kasie aka the Feral Cat and the owner of Yay! So here is what I have to say about Kasie. I have known her for about 2 and half years now, maybe a bit longer because I believe she came on a pubcrawl before she actually joined my sorority, which is how we know each other. The first time I went to her house it was for an Australia day party, which I believe I left a not so good, or at least mysterious impression on her, as I left in the middle without my coat or purse I believe(Classic party barging on my part.)We both have names in the sorority which are basically because our big sisters thought we were weird. (Everybody in the sorority has a sister name which you get upon joining, mine is star). But although she is perhaps weird Kasie is super cool and one of the most interesting people I know. She loves planes , tatoos, her cats, motorcycles and math(this is what makes her strange to me)(I'm also assuming she loves math only because she is in mechanical engineering)She is super smart and has been an active and extremely valuable member of the sorority since joining. She can be one of the guys but also is subject to incredibly girly moments as well. She rarely wears pants(always tights haha). Basically she is super cool and fun, and I am lucky to have her as both as sister and friend. So check out her blog(although she is slacking on it, since I am the blog police clearly).

Jo, Kasie and Me last year at Christmas(Kasie is much blonder now..Thats another thing she is always changing her hair.)

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  1. hahha i love it! ps.. yes... i am slacking. nothing of interest has popped into my head of late. :'(