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Monday, February 15, 2010

fake Parents come home!

So my roomates have been gone now for over a week and I am ready for them to be back. I watched the very end of season 4 Dexter(which was super retarded...I thought it was a terrible sad..not good at all) and then I kept seeing the frigging Trinity killer in the corner of my room. Which everything is exponentially less scary when people are home with you. Also I had a dream that I got accepted to some weird college thing which I didn't apply for but I'm thinking I should have heard from grad school soonish. But jo has the mail key so I can't check. Also the cat has been acting strangely affectionate(probably because I haven't been home that much) and I feel bad and that I am probably not the best pet owner.

Fake Family Pic On the way to Montreal(Probably not the Safest Plan)


  1. whaaaat, the ending of season four of dexter was something i was waiting for since the first season. we cheered in this house.

  2. they are coming home very very soon! :) you'll make it!

  3. Oh trisha I would feel so much more comforted if you wrote in your too ashley..

  4. i second the "bahhhhhhh" but without so many h's. i'm lazy.