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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weird things about my job..

I don't talk about my job much cause its boring. And I am always bored when I am there. So I figured it would make a boring post to talk about it. But one of the things about my work is there is lots of old men around(I work at a hardware store). Anyways I have lots of favorite old men customers that come in and will have a nice chat with me then go on their merry way. But every now and then there is a super creepy old man around that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. Today I had a particularily awful one. Now I can speak french, and when people talk I can understand almost everything except for like slang that they don't teach you in school. The reasons I have troubles in school is because I have a hard time writing, not comprehension. Anyways so this old guy, well like probably 47 year old guy starts talking to me in french. But he is half talking in english so I figure he can understand me so I keep talking in english(cause I get self consious about my accent/grammar)Anyways this guy keeps talking to me in french, which I understand but I carry on just ringing things in becuase he is being semi obnoxious. Then this old guy, who I guess assumes I can't understand french starts saying creepy things about me to his friend, who also gets visibly embarrased. I was all red faced and awkward acting but I guess he thought I was just uncomfortable cause I couldn't understand him. And then when he left he whistled at me in like the innappropriate whistling kind of way. Anyways it was stupid. Thats my entire point. Old men should keep it to themselves.


  1. i worked at home hardware once...i understand trust me.

  2. I feel sad you had to experience that.

  3. you should have been like "au revoir! bon journee monsieurs."