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Friday, February 26, 2010

My 100th Post= not so epic..

This is my 100th post...which I probably think means I need to get a life...but really I do what I want. Baiscally what is new in my life is I have broken my computer and my face hurts.

Here is my plea for help:(non computer geeks may want to skip this)
So I was downloading music and I haven't had a virus in awhile so I pretty much deserved this one. So I got this virus which I think my virus software had found and gotten rid of. But there seems to be some residual problems. When I try and open for instance the internet, something pops up and I have to pick what I want to open it. Then it works. So I don't know if the virus deleted the connection or if I still have a virus(I'm scanning my computer for the billionth time) Any thoughts? If not a virus does anyone know how to fix this? Cause it also won't let me click the thing that says to chose to open such files that way everytime? Help!

My face hurts cause I got my wisdom teeth out. It actually only hurts on one side and is barely swollen at all. My cheeks are kind of chubby anyways so I just look especially chubby cheeked adorable haha. But I have been having super vivid and messed dreams. I blame the codeine. It makes me think there are actually things happeneing in my room but not in a bad scary way more in a tripped out weird kind of way.

So this is it pretty much for what has been happening with me. How is everyone elses week going?

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  1. wipe your computer clean, it's possible without a windows disk, and you can save files you don't want deleted.
    you should also get a new virus protection/malware protection
    Virus: Avira (free)

    Malware: Malwarebytes (also free)