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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simple things

The lovely Nathalie over at inspired me to think about some of the simple things I love:

1.The Beach- Anytime of year, it just makes me happy to see the ocean.

2. The smell of nature after it rains- This one of the my favorite things about my current city- it always smells really good because its full of trees unlike most cities.Plus it has rained alot since I got here.

3. Thunder and Lightning

4. Baked good- such as cupcakes and cookies.

5. Hugs- Apparently your supposed to get 5 a day. This is currently not happening for me and I miss it more than I would have thought.

6. Old couples walking together. Its just about the sweetest thing ever.

7. Books that your sad to finish reading because you feel like your losing a friend or finishing a huge adventure.

8. Reading those books again.

9. BBQ and Campfires.

10. My family and friends (because most of you are simple bahaha)

Also check out my little sister's blog here:
Perhaps that will encourage here to carry on with it.


  1. Hey lovely, totally random, but did you ever get your parcel? I sent it a few months ago... x

  2. You used to attempt to bite people when they hugged you at one point!

    also. I'm not simple. You are, Love Muffins.