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Saturday, June 26, 2010


I can't get the ants out of my pants today.. and I suspect they will only get worse as the week goes on. Cause Thusday I'm Flying home for a quick visit!!!!!!!!!!I am pretty much going to burst with excitment. I feel really sorry for the people that are going to have to deal with me on wednesday. Its not going to be pretty. Anyways going home is now all I can think about. Which is unhelpful since I am apparently using my "critical thinking" to do an assignment.

Imminent Distraction: I am probably going to go out tonight with my journalism class. Which is also more fun to think about than critical thinking.

Ridiculous distraction: After I had left my house to come toschool to workon my homework I realized I have not returned my library books. I am now feeling guilty about late fee. I supposeif I focused I could get home on time to return them but alas that seems unlikely.

Also to those of you who might think I am doing my work in a timely manner because I am working on a saturday, don't be fooled. This assignment is due at 6 pm today, an evil system my profs have worked out, I believe to prevent funtimes on fridays.

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