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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Oh sweet dangerous love..

So I may not have mentioned this but I used to have this thing for online shopping.. aka I loved it.. and was semi addicted to it... and by semi I mean really addicted.. I still have things I've never worn cause I got it offline and it ended up being terrible. So when I got my student loan yesterday I knew I shouldn't..but somehow I ended up ordering these 3 things..I feel guilty and slightly dirty about it but also excited:

The last 2 can be tied like a million different ways so really I think it can be justified cause its like 20 different dresses. I may try and venture into the real world today for shorts because I really didn't pack enough when I came here.

Also and this is embarassing cause I don't really talk about such things..but I think I might have a crush.. Why do I think that you ask? Well he was talking about a song thursday night and I downloaded the whole album and listened to it..even tho I didn't like it very much at all...I am 15 big deal.. But I think its going to stay at crush level I believe cause he's in my class and that could make things awkward if they didn't work out..and by work out I mean if I made out with him then tried to ignore him...cause thats what I do..

Anyways since I now how delicious food I am going to go eat something..probably just toast actually but now I have strawberry jam..which I had been eating raspberry which I don't like nearly as much but I had accidentally bought. Anyways Peace out home slices!


  1. i heart you. crushes are fun no matter what.

  2. Yes online shopping can be addictive for sure. I have to try to curb my browsing or else I'll end up ordering clothes that most likely won't fit me :/

  3. I literally can't browse..unless I have absolutely no money..cause if I even have a tiny bit of extra money I would find that one thing to buy.. haha... and its true half the time things don't fit or are terrible in person.. and Tyler you know I love you more than most things..

  4. i own the first and have friends who own the last two. American Apparel is very addictive, that's why the initials are AA.
    i think the hoodie will look really cute on you.