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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ridiculous Rant!

So know what makes me super pissed? Eharmony ads! How do they know grocery shopping is better with someone else??? I kind of like going alone.. I can listen to my ipod and dance down the aisles and none of the old people notice or care(as I live in an old neighbourhood and there is basically only old people in my grocery store) and I can buy as much chocolate and unhealthy crap and noone judges me but the checkout ladies.. and really they probably don't give a shit.. I HATE how there so much pressure to be in a relationship in the world when I'm just trying to function as a person let alone have to deal with having to function in a couple as well..BLLAARRG!! LET ME BE HAPPY BY MYSELF God damn!

ps. I am probably lonely and lying..but indignant as well. I'm going to get some kind of delicious icy drink with whipped cream that will completely make up for the fact I'm not getting laid..(sorry about the vulgarity)


  1. hahaha you have no idea how much I love this post... :)

  2. i hate how they are like... 90% of people who use eharmony get married in three months... or whatever they say. i am in a happy relationship but if i was every asked to PAY to join a website so i could get MARRIED i would run the other way screaming.

  3. BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. you should be vulgar more often. ALL MY SINGLE LADIES!

  4. To be honest...I'd rather grocery shop by myself for all the reasons you mentioned, but I need someone to help me carry the bags, although I suppose I could use one of the bag boys from the store. Hmmm. lol