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Monday, June 21, 2010

Update..AKA my BORING life..

So I started the TV section of my journalism program and as I suspected I love it!.. I was pretty much made to be on tv(except for my awkward twitches..aka neck skin pulling, glasses fiddling and hair shaking) but I also love the editing and behind the scenes parts of tv. And the teamwork, much more fun than sitting alone writing(at least in my opinion).

Also I dyed my hair back to dark brown because my roots from the blonde were driving me crazy. I saw a picture of it from friday and it was disgusting.

Exhibit A

(It was also early and I hadn't showered but still..awful)

Anyways so its now kind of closer to being back towards my natural colour. And the first person to notice it may or may not have been the person I might have a sort of crush on... which was good for my ego haha..

Anyways maybe when I have done some more news cast I will post them or something... but for now Peace out!

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