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Monday, October 4, 2010

Terrible Blogger

So mainly I don't blog alot because my life is currently very boring. But this past week was actually pretty fun/busy-ish, hence why I was not blogging. My step brother was home from Afghanistan and visiting with his gf/ my other step brother so there was lots of family time. This entailed:
-Getting so drunk on a tuesday that I puked in my hallway. It was shameful.
- Playing a crazy amount of Settlers of Catan. Which is a ridiculous board game. Made even more ridiculous by my family because we get rowdy. And insulted. And very competitive. Imagine a table full of people yelling about sheeps, clay and building roads. Calling each other names and proclaiming our hate. You might get close to the chaos that ensued. We are a very loving family really.
-Going out to a bar with my drunk parents. Being forced by them when we were the only people on the dance floor. In front of the cute boys I met last weekend. If I possesed a shame gland it would have been severly inflamed. Luckily I have an awesome gland instead.
- Eating so much delicious food.

However I am now back to trying to find a job/ laying around my house. Which is getting old.


  1. Sounds like a fun week :-D I've seen Settlers of Catan is it any good?


  2. HAHAHAHA WHO are the cute boys you met last weekend?
    call me soon or text me. pref. tomorrow night. i'm off after supper : )

  3. Angus- Settlers is pretty good..Its kind of like risk, but not at the same time. I think it ignites the same type of competitiveness.

    Ashley- Perhaps they weren't that cute but being drunk both times made them seem that way? and will do.

  4. hahaha i just wanted to tease you. i'm one to talk, i still maintain that mr.moustachedoctorwhobandguy was cute. nathan thinks i'm on a crazy train.

  5. My days of lying around the house, having no money and doing nothing but housework is ending tomorrow as I start a job, one that is not in my field of study however and will only be part-time. Only plus side is this job allows me to stay at fabulous expensive hotels cheap.