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Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Bang Theory

I recently started watching Big Bang Theory(I'm going through seasons of shows like crazy if anyone has any suggestions). I've pretty much decided the only reason the show is funny is because of Sheldon. The rest of the characters are only ok. I was going to put some youtube videos up but none of the are embedded apparently.

I was thinking of dressing up as the Doppler effect for Halloween(ripping of Sheldon's costume idea) but I will probably go as something sluttier. I was thinking cowgirl or flapper. I also am considering slutting up my costume from last year so I am actually a slutty pumpkin not an adorable one.( See this post for my costume last year

However I'm pretty sure no matter what I'm just going to be adorable anyways because I'm not willing to show the necessary skin that goes along with looking slutty on Halloween aka lingerie.


  1. i just avoid halloween costumes now because mine end up slutty without showing skin. also i likely work. and even if i don't, i never find anything to do in suckville.

  2. haha don't you think Howard is funny though? I remember Raj used to be my favourite but after watching a lot of them, he's just always the same. I like Howard a lot though - he has the worst pick up lines ever lol

    Anyway, have you ever seen Being Erica? It's a Canadian show and I really like it. This year is their third season I think so you could at least find season 1 at blockbuster and all of the seasons on the internet (and I think they have most of them on the cbc website so no time limit!)

    And Modern Family and No Ordinary Family are two really good shows that I watch this year. Last year they had Accidentally on Purpose but the pilot never got renewed but it was still funny if you could find the first season somewhere!

    And then I think with these you'll be good for a long while.

  3. rubicon is pretty good, i just started it. weird conspiracy theory stuff,

    fringe, how i met your mother( which u SHOULD already be watching), dexter, bones, smallville( like 10 seasons, thatd keep you busy for a while), cougar town, hellcats(only 5 eps so far, not too bad)