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Monday, October 11, 2010

Entourage and Driving

So my week has been devoted to two things: Learning how to drive and watching all the seasons of entourage.

My conclusions are as follows: Driving standard is hard. I seem to be getting progressively worse. I hope its one of those things that get worse before they get better or else I'm screwed. I'm hoping to write my drivers test in an automatic but if I get my lisence I will need to drive the standard vehicles until I get my own car.

I would like to find a friend who will be famous so I can be part of their entourage. I'm hoping my friend B will make it as he has already promised me the job of PR person and his manager.We might have to do less partying tho because I am prone to wicked bad hangovers.


  1. Driving stick is way more fun than an auto. Think of it this way, if u have to drive somewhere, wouldnt you rather be having fun doing it? Find a big parking lot to practice going from parked to moving, thats the worst part cuz you might stall, after first its a sinch! Little steps! <3 (p.s. Dont ride the clutch!)

  2. Haha..its maybe true about the fun, although mainly I feel panic, but thats generally true about driving automatic as well.

  3. Wicked bad hangovers WILL happen though! And they will be worth it for the massive Hollywood parties we will attend!