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Friday, April 23, 2010

Writer's Block..sort of

So I'm trying not to post these days unless I have something good to say. And I have had some lovely time lately that I vould write about. Its just I can't figure out a narrative that doesn't sound super nostalgic for moments that are in my immediate past. Currently everything just feels like an extended goodbye, which I imagine would be tiring to hear about everyday from me. So here is just a random story about me and my roomie- just facts no nostalgia haha:

So everytime one of us leave for any period time basically we both have to stay up to all hours, Just to get all our talk out for the time we aren't going to see each other everyday, which I guess kind of makes sense. Also both of us can be crappy sleepers. So yesterday, or I guess early this morning at 3:30 am we realized that we were both wide awake so we decided to go for a walk across the walking bridge downtown. This was really nice as it was pretty warm out and walking kind of tires you out at that time of night. Also its good to get all the talking out. So we were walking along the bridge and on it theres these like alcoves where you can stop and theres benches. Before we went on the bridge I was like gee I hope that isn't wear hobbos sleep. So when were walking we notice there is someone sleeping in one of those alcove bench things. Which at the time was hysterical cause we were like trying to tiptoe by this person so they didn't wake up and kill us. Our hope was it was someone biking home drunk and then they stopped and passed out. Which is almost as ridiculous as being out for a walk at 3 in the morning.

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