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Thursday, April 15, 2010

I hope this is a premonition for my future.

So yesterday I had to get up at 7 so that I could catch the bus so I would be on time for my first exam.Yuck. So anyways that meant that after my exam I had to take a nap, because I am lazy like that. Anyways a lot of the time when I take naps I have super scary or ridiculous dreams. But yesterday my ridiculous subconscious had a treat for me in store. Here is a recap of my best dream ever:
1. We went to the bar in my dream and at the bar were rickshaws. But rickshaws in my dream were incredibly hot tall and muscly men that carry you around the bar. This prevents people from stepping on you or pushing you. Plus they were all super hot.

2. We realize our rickshaw has been mistreated and decide to help him escape. We get him out and somehow along the way I am granted the ability to make wishes. I just have to wink and then a unicorn will appear and grant my wishes.

3. Since the rickshaw we have rescued is shirtless(They all were actually.. I just forgot to mention it) I decided my first wish would be for a shirt for him. So I wink and up drives up a transfer truck. In this truck is a trucker and his children, one of whom is holding my pink stuffed unicorn. So I figure that is a unicorn appearing so we ask them if they by chance have some shirts.

4. It turns out that the truck is a shirt truck. So we get in the back and try on many shirts.It was generally lots of fun.

So I know hope that this means there is lots of hot shirtless men in my future. Hopefully they are as hot as my imagination led me to believe.

My Unicorn, that can now apparently grant wishes.

Wouldn't you like these boys to give you a piggyback around the bar?


  1. Oh Robyn. You are so...ridiculous. I love it.
    I think #3 is pretty nice, or maybe I just like his messy hair.

    PS. Did you get your mail yet Robyn?!

  2. I like the messy hair as well...I DID get my mail!!Super exciting!!You just haven't been on msn so I could tell you/thank you!

  3. love that dream, I'd like #3 please! ;)