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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Since my laptop is officially dead(and will never return from the abyss that is staples warranty land) I am typing on my moms laptop..which is really tiny.. and annoying to type on. Plus Brian(the cat) is sitting on me and is acting angry that I am typing and not petting him. And he is proned to "fits" when you squirm to much when he is comfortable(he bites you. But he was once a refugee kitty so you have to cut him some slack aka he is spoiled.

So this past friday i got my drivers license, which i was almost prouder of getting than my degree. That only took 4 and a half years whereas the license took 7 years. I was pretty afraid to write the test but it ended up not being so bad. However it was raining and has been ever since. I may go crazy if it doesn't stop soon.

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  1. holy crap! never thought the day would come....seriously. you are supposed to be my pedestrian lifer <3