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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Things I learned roadtripping

1. I'm pretty sure of the road trippers the driver is always having the least fun. This is an observation that I had not realized until I was the driver. Then all the previous roadtrips I've been on flashed before my eyes.

2. I can't eat pie while I drive. Nor can I eat anything in a bag. Next time I road trip I'm going to buy licorice. That seems managable.

3.I may be a better driver than I previously thought. But I am still proned to panicking.

4. Road trips NEED loud music. This adds to the fun. Especially if you know the words.

5. It is hard to dance and drive. It was much funner to simply be a passenger.

6. Time passes quicker when your driving. Probably because I have to focus alot. Therefore I have little time to get bored.

7. I pee at least every 2 hours.

8.Heated seats are awesome.

9. I miss my friend way more than I thought. And I already thought I missed them alot.

10. Passing isn't as terrifying as I thought it was. Nor is driving on the highway. Actually drving on the highway is pretty much like drving an automatic. Minus merging.

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