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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Reasons I clearly do not understand boys:

1. I would never refriend someone and persistently message them without giving a legitemate reason why. WTF.

2.I don't see what makes shooting video games fun.

3. I don't like Will Farrell.(I know, the horror.)

4. I can never tell when they want to be friends or when they to be want more than friends. Mainly in the sense that I think were just friends but it was apparent to everyone else that this was not true.

5.I generally don't send cryptic messages or texts. I like to say what I actually feel. And if I don't want to say what I feel, I keep all cryptic thoughts and messages to myself.

There are probably a million more reasons, but I don't even realize what they are because I am so clueless. My cat boyfriend is so much more upfront.

Brian and I

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