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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Operation capture stray kitty:

I may not have mentioned this before but I live pretty much in the boonies. Its on the outskirts of a tiny town, but basically its in the country. And because of this (kind of, its not exactly related) we have a large abandoned garage beside us. Many stray cats live there. I imagine its pretty much like this scene from the aristocats over there:

However most of these cats are hardened vetrans of cold winters and living of mice and such. But amongst these scary feral looking cats there is one adorable, tiny, fluffy kitten that I suspect can't survive the winter. So my mom and I have developed a plan to catch the kitty, which involves stalking it, and leaving it food and a make shift shelter. It have so far evaded me though, although its so little and fluffy it doesn't really look that fast.

Apparently I'm not allowed to keep it because we have two cats and two dogs but I'd like to catch it and take it to the SPCA so that someone can take care of it. I'm sure it would be very lovable.

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  1. that sounds awesome hun! Good luck getting the kitty :)